Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Just roll over and die already

Has anyone ever had the unfortunate situation of telling a client to push off and then having them refuse to push? Seriously, I’m at a loss.
I told these people April 17 that I was giving them my notice, citing several instances of being grossly taken advantage of. For instance, they asked me to work over Christmas with no warning. They ask me edit their entire magazine the Friday before it goes to print, which means that regardless of whether I have guests in town or a kidney transplant, etc, I have to drop everything to get it done. And the evil NY whore calls me at ungodly hours to explain Outlook to her when I own A MAC! I do not lie... she phones at 6 am to accuse me of sending my emails to her junk folder DELIBERATELY! Gah!

Anyway, this is just a partial list, but anyone who has been over in the mornings can attest to the fact that this job is a real pill.

So, after the April 17 debacle (in which evil NY whore was so incredibly late, my poor temporarily immobile mother had to take a cab from the airport after I promised to come fetch her), the publisher called and apologized and tried to smooth things over, but I told him I’d stay on only until they found a replacement, whom I would be happy to train.

It is now May 29. I’m beginning to perceive that the advantage taking continues. I begin to doubt that they are really looking. The publisher called me yesterday to make sure I was going to work this week, and when I reminded him that I’m leaving town for Al’s wedding (which I told him about in March), he had the nerve to inquire whether I was sure I couldn’t do it while I was gone. And THEN he asked me, "Well, are you actually in the wedding?" KILL!

This is a freelance position, so where do they get off with this constant crappy behavior? The loss of the regular paycheck is going to be tough, but I’m more than ready to quit the daily harangue and lateness and Christ-bitten hours of six am to noon. Oh, you think that sounds easy, do you? You try getting up in the cold and fog and being interested in the pharmaceutical business day in and day out for an embittered evil old hag whose very existence is a thorn in your side.

Anyway, I feel like this crappy freelance job is keeping me from needing to do smarter work. I don’t HAVE to go out and pitch good writing, because I can make do with boring writing and pay the rent. I’m sick of making do. I’m thirty and I’ve DONE NOTHING WITH MY LIFE!


Lissa said...

I completely understand where you are coming from! I had a boss that would call me at 10 at night to cuss me out because he couldn't find a piece of paper that he has thrown away. It was then I knew I had to quit because no one should be treated like that(well that and he was a walking advertisement for sexual harassment).

It will be scary but you will feel so much better once you do it. The days of waking up without all this stress on your shoulders are worth it alone.

Stepping Over the Junk said...

So, maybe you should get knitting again!!! Knit something really great and big!

Just dont answer the phone anymore when they call. Or email. Block their email. Send a registered letter of quitting.

That woman had no boundaries!

Nothing But Bonfires said...

Yeah, so I totally thought Jemima was exaggerating when she told me stories about this Devil Woman. And then I stayed with her for a week when I first moved to San Francisco, and HOLY SHIT, if this woman wouldn't call at 7am and scream at her. There's nothing like listening to a one-sided conversation and trying to keep a straight face when your friend is saying "But [Bitch Woman], I just emailed them to you. No, I JUST emailed them to you. I swear. Like, twenty seconds ago. Give it a minute. Check your junk mail. I just emailed them -- oh, you got them? Good."

The woman is a devil. Swear to god.

Operation Pink Herring said...

Ugh. My boss is completely rediculous as well, but at least at 5pm I'm DONE. He calls my cell phone every once in awhile, but I don't pick up on principle, and I just had deleted my access to my work email at home because "just checking my email" was making me sick to my stomach on the weekends when I saw all the "disasters" he was emailing me about, and that is not OK. Weekends belong to me.

I understand taking more than you should, though. Giving up the regular paycheck is scary -- so scary in fact, that I still haven't been able to bring myself to do it.

Go you. Tell them to bite it. You gave them more than enough warning.

And PS -- if you, Ms. Move Across the Country/Gorgeous Wedding/Outdoorsy Extraodinaire/ Gourmet Chef have done nothing with your life, I shudder to think what that means for me.

Alexandrialeigh said...


Alexandrialeigh said...

Oh, and also? You've been more than accomodating. Methinks it's time to tell them to find someone else, effective immediately. And then, possibly change your cell phone number. And block their emails.

barbie2be said...

um... i do get up at 6 every morning and deal with an embittered hag (if men can be called hags) of a boss in the pharmaceutical field. :(