Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bitch and Bitch Some More

So Simons was sick all last week and during the holiday (lifts his hand feebly from the couch to take his soup. And his medicine. And his gingerale. And his fizzy tablets. And his heated neck pillow. And his special popsicles.) and this week has a friend in town who is hunting for jobs...although I personally would be skeptical about giving a job to someone who is too stupid to wash his own dishes.

And I tell you, I have about had it with cooking and cleaning and caring about other people's needs. Fortunately, drum roll please, I am staying with two other girls (women?) at a B&B cottage in Asheville this weekend, yes, for a Aloysius' fabulous wedding, and it's going to be AWESOME! Three whole days of girlish squealing and wine drinking and frolicking and dishing about work and men and other things that suck. And crying over how beautiful and sweet Aleigh looks in her tenth wedding dress. I can't get on a plane fast enough.

LALALALALALALALA!!!!! (I'm bouncing up and down on my yoga ball)

Now, I know full well that I have a lovely husband, and that probably half of the coddling was my own doing, but REALLY, I need just a small break.


Operation Pink Herring said...

Tenth wedding dress? If she discarded the first nine because she didn't like them, I may have to marry the girl myself. Awesome.

Have fun!

Stepping Over the Junk said...

I'd take a sick husband right about now in exchange for two very unruley young children who keep screaming all week and crying over who gets to go to the bathroom first or who gets to the bottom of the stairs first and who keep spitting on each other and coloring on my red stools in the kitchen with a Sharpie pen (black). Ah yes. Maybe at least for a week. Just for a change of scenery. Sick husband would at least be on the quiet side...have a GREAT weekend. I am getting away too partly for work partly for play with Chef, without the kids...badly needed.

CharlestonGirl said...

Great time to be in Asheville with people you love! Women friends...we all need that time away from the testosterone from time to time, no matter how perfectly wonderful our husbands are! :) Have a great time and soak it all up!

Erin said...

Heh. Little did she know she was hanging out with ME all weekend.

There was little wine, but a LOT of beer.