Monday, April 09, 2007

Maximum Efficiency

So today I was a model of efficiency, accomplishing the following:
  • Paid my $550 parking tickets
  • Finally posted on my blog
  • Updated a client's webpage on behalf of some very pushy architects
  • Filled in my schedule
  • Bought cedar balls for the winter clothes, which we have exchanged and picked through
  • Found a dermatologist
  • Booked a hotel for the non-blogging Aloysius' wedding
  • Invoiced my clients
  • Outlined two articles and one essay
I'm telling you, it's Spring. Time of renewed inspiration and aspiration!

But apparently not nutrition (she says while typing with one hand and spooning caramel sauce into her piehole with the other). Back when I first started this blog, I tried an ayurvedic cleanse in a failed attempt to wean myself off of sugar and processed wheat gluten and all other things George Bush is using to destroy our health and nation. I say "failed" because on the very day the cleanse was over with, I polluted my new detoxified cells with two bottles of Pinot Noir, kicked my big toenail off in a famous author's hot tub and then barfed in my front yard.

I'm not proud.

Every so often, usually before planning a big trip, I get into the My Body Is A Temple routine and run and stretch and drink herbal water and consider my chakras. I'll be going home for weddings in June, which I guess count as trips, not that I have to shape up for them (normally my trips involve hiking or rock climbing or looking attractive for high school reunions). But since I work alone and some days only see the dog and Simons, I'm not getting as much feedback on trip planning and fitness. I miss the days when I would wake up and meet friends for a morning run. Maybe I need more verbal rewards. Maybe I require a sense of competition. I think it's a little sad that I require someone to pat me on the head in order to acquire the appropriate My Body Is A Temple sensibility. In itself, MBIAT ought to come from within. Clearly I am a new age failure who is drowning her self loathing in caramel sauce.

With my recent cancer scare and treatment, it ought to have sunk in that "it can happen to me." It ought to be abundantly clear that I cannot avoid cancer, diabetes and heart disease because I simply pretend they won't happen. And judging by my reaction to the contractors working on the apt below mine, my blood pressure is in immediate risk. So how do you find the willpower not to eat crap? To face the future pragmatically and take your health planning as seriously as you do your financial planning?


jaz said...

Um... you just forgot to put the decimal point in $5.50 for parking tickets, right?

Marcheline said...

Let's see... how do I resist the temptation of food and drink?

Um... wait, it's coming to me... ah, yes, here it is:

I don't.

- M

Stepping Over the Junk said...

I go through a cycle. I get good with it all around the end of Easter, when the leftovers of the Cadburys are gone/eaten and make it until about Halloween when the goodies start pouring in and the weather gets crappy. Working from home is hard for me in those regards.

barbie2be said...

look at you, all efficient and all that!