Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Easter!

Did we go to church?

Did I go running?

Did I actually leave the house beyond the morning foray for Peet’s and Paas?

It sounds like my day sucked, but it was actually dee-lightful. I spent the better part of the day either cooking or knitting = utter bliss. Holly and Sean came for dinner, and one of the best things about them is they don’t ask if there is any butter in the food. Because they know there is. Butter is the base of my food pyramid. I’m Southern. All my recipes start with “First, take a stick of butter…” One of the other best things about them is that I don’t have to stress whether the dinner sucks, because if it does, we can order Chinese and they’ll still love me.

Although I considered doing a traditional Easter feast with lamb and Peeps and whatever, I instead opted for comfort food and richness. We had Chicken Suzanne, which I didn’t bother photographing, because I don’t think mushroom sauce translates well to visual representation. And Holly made brussel sprouts with rosemary and shallots, and they were totally delish. And then came the caramel apple tarte tatine,

Isn’t it pretty?

Don’t you want to lick it? No? Look CLOSER…

The caramel sauce is pretty amazing. You kind of moan involuntarily, and no, I’m not bragging, because I didn’t invent the recipe. Maybe I should call it Porn Pie. Holly and I can open a bakery and just sell Porn Cake and Porn Pie. We shall call it simply, "Porn," and our mothers will be so proud.

Simons and I did dye Easter eggs, and we came up with some pretty purple tulips for décor. And, you know, some Reese’s peanut butter eggs, because it isn’t Easter without mealing a few of those.

The rest of the weekend was pretty much spent wringing my hands, because our new landlords, they want us out. No, no Simons hasn’t been streaking the courtyard and playing loud deathmetal again...much. They’re renovating all the apartments so they can up the rent to $2500 or so, and therefore are offering $8K to most tenants to move. We were tempted, and even went so far as to go apartment hunting on Saturday. It was just as horrible as before, full of nervous optimism at the beginning and then crushing despondency at the end. You think a place will be grand, because the photos have such shiny wood floors and lots and lots of cabinets, and then there are crackwhores on the front stoop and the paint is peeling and it occurs to you that your lovely corner store that you walk to every afternoon to decide on dinner will now be a 30-minute drive across town. You will have to find a whole new corner store. And while once that seemed an exciting prospect, you just had to go through all that six months ago, and the idea of packing and unpacking and orienteering a new neighborhood just seem so hard. So. Hard. And we came back home and realized the issue was that our little squalorous 700-square feet with no parking and no closets is our home.

So unless they up the ante to $12K, we aren’t moving.

Andy and Harriott’s wedding blanket is now 5.5’ x 7’ and I only have three balls of yarn left. Hallelujah. Also, here is a nice picture of the sweater I made Simons. I love that he wears it.


Pink Herring said...

I was introduced to the Reeses Easter Egg yesterday... and now my diet is shot. Crap, those things are good.

Your porn cake looks sinful. Maybe you can sell the recipe to Reeses, and next year I can buy porn cake eggs? Or something?

Stepping Over the Junk said...


Okay, on with it. Sounds like a lovely easter...I am still working on the post of mine...complete with Lamb that my chef made me...oh geez, I had better get writing...Easter was over a while ago...

Is there a Paas store or you just went out to get the Peets coffee and stopped somewhere to buy Paas?

Anonymous said...

Must. Have. Porncake. Recipe.

Wait. I tried this with your peanut butter muffins a while back and you weren't intimidated enough to give me THAT, either...ahem.

L Sass said...

That cake looks amazing.
Fortunately, I ate so much yesterday that I'm hardly tempted to have more treats.

Nothing But Bonfires said...

We must get this straight. What Jemima made yesterday was porn TART. Or porn pie, if you'd rather.

Porn CAKE is something entirely different:

I would not want you to confuse your porn baked goods, you see. Both involve caramel. Both are equally divine. The porn tart wins on healthy points, though, since it contains apples. The porn cake, by contrast, contains four packages of cream cheese.

barbie2be said...

porn cake, porn pie... i dont' care which you serve me because i never met a cream cheese or apple or caramel that i didn't like. :) yummy, yum, yum!

my easter celebrations consisted of me laying on the love seat watching the ANTM: cycle 5 marathon and consuming an entire bag of speckled malted milk eggs, then half a pint of haagen daaz baileys low fat ice cream, one stuffed pasta shell from the italian deli, half a taco salad from taco bell and 20 miligrams of lexapro! woo hoo, good times. at least my kitty was laying across my lap for most of the day purring.

Robert Payne said...

And then you think, 8k could help me get over that move by indulging in a really nice vacation to Hawaii.

The Sorority said...

Sounds like a lovely Easter! That cake looks so good that I almost did lick my monitor! I am afraid to ask for the recipe as I will make it and eat it ALL!

My Easter equalled eating large quantities of food and then doing nothing but reading magazines and books. DEE-LITE-FUL!!!

Hold out for the $12K as moving sucks and your abode looks lovely. Make him pay for causing such upheaval in your lives!


PS - have loved Reese's anything for more years that I care to admit but the Easter Eggs are especially good. Also, Rolo eggs for those that love the chocolate/caramel combo esp. in a delightful egg shape

Marcheline said...

Nice sweater! Nice pornpiecaketart...


- M