Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Just doing my part...

I've just come from a meeting with my biggest freelance client yet, and oh my God, I have so much work to do I may perish. At least it's an awesome project, and the people I'm working for are incredibly brilliant, so i leave these meeting overwhelmed but so inspired. Still. So much work. I have to have their entire website completed by April 1st, which is a LOT of copy. Bye bye knitting.

While hiking on Sunday afternoon (saturday was pretty much shot thanks to raging all day hangover), Simons and I were talking about ways we could do more to stop global warming. We sign petitions and make sure our votes go to candidates to are environmentally active. We recycle and have the special light bulbs. We eat pretty strictly organic. I buy environmentally friendly cleaning products, bath and beauty products (plant extracts, not tested on animals, phosphate free, etc). We already walk or take public transportation 95% of the time. But surely there is something else we can be doing. I've looked into buying back our carbon emissions, but I'm not really sure that it makes a lot of sense. The idea is that you pay a company X amount to pay for your car's emissions. That company turns your money around and buys carbon credits from the federal government, that in turn a big power plant or some other manufacturer cannot buy to offset their own, harmful pollution, and must therefore actually make improvements to their plants. But doesn't it just make more sense to make industry cut back emissions anyway? And shouldn't we just get an alternative fuel soon as we can afford it? What do you think, oh wise and splendid internet? What more could we do? What do you do? Any good websites on meaningful changes?

In other news, Simons and I have been running together every night this week, which I now consider a Regime. I like regimes. I even like the word: "Reh-geeeeeeem." It feels very final and respectable. And hardcore. Trust me, with the hills around my neighborhood, even walking Beulah around the block is hardcore. Oh, speaking of Dog, we took her with us on Monday and halfway through, I looked at her and her eyeballs had sunken into her head and were almond shaped. What the HELL? We brought her home immediately and she didn't seem overheated or wobbly, and (thank God) her eyes went back to normal within 5 minutes, BUT WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? And if you think we are taking Beuls to the vet because her eyeballs fell out, think again. I've only got one kidney left people... Remember "The $3300 Duck Debacle" and the "$350 Pooping Catastrophe?" Well they're still awfully fresh in our memories.

The wedding blanket I am knitting for some friends of ours is one-third done and very beautiful. Simons' sweater is back from the finisher's, and is heavenly. He wore it three days in a row (it's really more of a jacket), which was extremely satisfying. I'd post a photo, but my DAMNED CAMERA IS STILL BEING REPAIRED. I also found some gorgeous pink and blue yarn to make this bag. And you can't tell from the picture, but it's really big. Sonia and I went to a few knit shops in Noe Valley yesterday afternoon, which will be our last real knitting jaunt, since she's moving back to bloody Australia. Damion, how could you do this to me?

Also, I've decided that I'm spending entirely too much time by myself in my pajamas (granted, I'm working, but still...I feel a little schlubby). In order to have more social interaction and feel more professional, I've been looking into writers' colonies and there are a few in the city. That way I can take Eudora the Laptop someplace with real, live human beings, and work there instead. Also, I'm planning to take a photography class and maybe some piano lessons. After all, Simons and I do actually own a piano now. It's not here or anything, but we do own one. And maybe one day (YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS from now...ahem) we will have children (or maybe just more dogs) that we will want to sing Christmas carols to, and it ought to have musical playing with it (God, it's just like Oh Brother Where Art Thou). I can't sing, but maybe I can play along while Simons sings.

Also, just because it made me happy, here is my recipe for a tasty snack:
1 banana
2 Tbs low fat peanut butter
2 Tbs Giardelli cocoa powder (I didn't actually measure, so might have only been 1 Tbs)
1/2 c. plain yogurt
1 c- one and one half cups skim milk

Put in blender and blend, and it comes out all tasty. And except for what's in the peanut butter, it doesn't have a lot of sugar. I'm trying to watch it, thanks to California's ceaseless messages about diabetes and the American obesity epidemic. Just doing my part.


Nothing But Bonfires said...

Well, a) I'm sorry that I gave you a packet of chocolate hobnobs and a Cadburys Caramello now, thus ruining all your sugar-avoiding habits. (Maybe you can give them back? I've about given up giving up sugar.)

And b) how bizarre you should mention carbon offests; I've just come from a meeting about Travel For Good, which is Travelocity's effort towards it. And there are TONS of things you can do. With Travel For Good, every penny of the money you put towards offsetting carbon footprints is actually given to The Conservation Fund, which plants trees to offset emissions (about $5 a tree.) Go to and have a look at some of the stuff we're doing -- there's loads.
You can even choose a "Voluntourism" vacation you want to take and apply for a $5000 grant to take it. Which is kind of excellent because first of all, FREE VACATION, and second of all, doing your bit for the environment. While on a free vacation. In fact, everyone should apply!

Jemima said...

Do gooder

Nothing But Bonfires said...

Don't forget traveling salesman.

Jemima said...

And I already ate the Caramello, so there's no taking that back. mmmm


Pink Herring said...

Ok, first of all... your posts make me want to learn to knit. I am sure I would suck at it, and all I need is another money-eating habit, but good god! That bag is adorable! And so original! and cute!

Second, you are miles ahead of me in being environmentally friendly, but I am also concsious (no idea how to spell that, INSTALL SPELLCHECK, BLOGGER!) of carbon footprint and blah blah blah... but I wouldn't go so far as to buy back emissions... maybe I'm just a skeptic (um, you think?) but I would always rather find some way to use that money in a way I'm SURE will have an effect than to give it away with the promise that it will make a big company be nicer to the earth.

Oh, and third... I'm totally with you on the vet boycott. I've been getting notices about this "new" strain of virus in the city, how I MUST bring my cats in for vaccination, 50% mortality rate! And i just keep telling them "no thank you, I will just try not to let them run away until this clears up." After the return of Henry, I have used up my vet budget for the next 200 years, and you have to draw the line somewhere. And you were totally right -- two weeks post-neuter, he's much less agressive. Which is good, because I can lay off the prozac and wine coctails now.

The Sorority said...

Some other things you can do that are closer to home are 1) speak to your landlord about wrapping the hot water heater in your building with a thermal blanket. It keeps the heat in and will allow him to turn down the temperature slightly. Also, he can wrap the main pipes in your building which will also help. If you have green space, you could ask him to purchase a composter for the residents to use which cuts down on wet garbage.

I didn't know about the carbon credits but am going to look into that here in Canada.

Congrats on your green efforts - with all that goodness in you already, giving up sugar and chocolate is not necessary. It is just a Cadburys way of rewarding you for exercise and being environmentally friendly.


barbie2be said...

who on earth can give up chocolate hobnobs and caramellos? not i.

i would give up driving the 10 miles i commute to work and take public transportation if it didn't take 2.5 hours each way. i mean, who has that kind of time to spend sitting on the light rail? that's 5 hours a day just to go 20 miles.

Anonymous said...

One thing you could do to help, is stop worrying so much. Just today a study came out saying the electric/gaseous activity on the Sun is far greater than previously realized. Doing things is great "to help global warming" - but they are not really all of the problem

You've been in California too long.

Anne said...

Good luck with the new freelance client.

AND...LOVE the bag!!

Anonymous said...

RE: The dog- that happened to my old lab once and the vet said it was an allergy. I gave her a bendryl and it seemed to clear it right up. Maybe something blooms there that your delicate flower can't take?

Anonymous said...

You MUST point me in the direction of the pattern for that bag. LOVE! IT!



Jill said...

I LOVE that bag you made!!

Stepping Over the Junk said...

that handbag is amazing. I have a friend who knits and felts and am loving seeing what she comes up with. How nice to have someone to go running with! As for me, I just went running and am now eating out of a box of Nilla Wafers...I need to scrounge up the cadburys now, from their hiding place.