Thursday, January 11, 2007


Beulah and I had a glorious walk yesterday, after spending far too long indoors invoicing and doing difficult sums and coming up with wrong numbers. Also dealing with evil hags from New York who are making me FAIL IN MY NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS! HATE HER! HATE HER!

Anyhoo, it was extremely bright and cold and unbelievably windy, which made Beulah Dog awfully prancy. She almost dragged me right into the enormous grumper she left in front of the fancy nail salon on Polk Street. We walked down Union and then to Fort Mason, where the bay was a mass of whitecaps and screaming sailboats going about 100 miles an hour. We found a ball right next to this very tall gentleman.

Alcatraz has this weird effect, where some days it will seem miles away. And then you look at it from Nob Hill or the streetcar and it seems like you could jump across to it, it's so close.

I saw this at the Aquatic Park and I'll be damned if I can tell what it's for. It's two storeys tall, has no stairs, and there's a second one facing it about a block away. I want answers.

I ought to have come home and done a spot of exercise (as if climbing Russian Hill from the Aquatic Park isn't enough). I have bought weights and a yoga mat (check, check), but haven't used them (boo). This week has been great for fruit and vegetables (check!), although Simons was very resistant with my suggestion that we go vegetarian for a month to jump start our approach to health. His response was to glare at me and start defrosting some hamburgers. Little Miss Nobody has sent me a great new freelancing possibility (thanks, Al!), which will hopefully result in some steady assignments. With enough of this long term work, I may be able to afford to blow off the NY hag permanently. Please, God. Please, God.

I did cook breakfast for Simons yesterday - French Toast- and started the cappuccino so that Simons could get in a good surf before work. So that's a ton of resolutions already working out! See, 2007 is going to be awesome.


Jen said...

If you're going to be doing the cooking, going veggie shouldn't be bad at all! I always say that I'm a vegetarian in priciple, but not in practice. I don't WANT to eat animals... but it's hard not to if you don't either have unlimited money to spend on prepared Whole Foods cusine or an excellent chef to make non-boring, non-bland, semi-balanced meals. The pictures you post always look so great, I'm sure you would make a great vegetarian chef -- and if it's only for a month, how bad could it be?

Nothing But Bonfires said...

If you ditch the New York hag, I will take her. I don't care how awful she is. I have a serious IKEA habit I need to start funding.

Stepping Over the Junk said...

As kids we spent alot of time driving to San Fran to see our friend in Sausalito. We would stay at her place which overlooked Alcatraz and it always gave me the creeps (Alcatraz not Sausalito) My sister is a month into being a vegetarian and she says her skin has never been clearer!!! As for me, I love steak. And chicken. And lamb chops and rack of lamb, okay I like lamb, okay, I like meat...I'll shut up now

Anonymous said...

Yep, I'm a meat-eater as well, but if anyone can pull off an all-veggie menu, something tells me you can! Good luck -- I think you're doing great with your resolutions.

Jenny said...

Cappuccino...mmm. Can I come over?

Jill said...

Love the pics, it makes me remember how much I miss San Francisco!