Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Monday Post

Don't you just hate it when you are carrying your 50-lb bag of Smoked Trout and Sweet Potato kibble, running for the bus, and the damned driver gives you a hassle for not having your Muni pass out and your dog's muzzle already on? I HAD them both in my purse, but it's hard to run and carry aforementioned human-sized kibble bag under one arm while rummaging through my knitting bag (like I'd be able to knit on the bus with the 600 people giving me stink eye for having a dog) for everything at the same time. Beulah went into a sulk for having to wear her muzzle, but was well behaved, even when people stepped perilously close to her nub.

So that was my big event for the day, which means I'm turning into one of those haus frau types who can only report their exciting errands. Maybe I should go have a martini. It is almost 3:00.

My only saving grace is that Simons and I had an awesome weekend, the kind that makes all your muscles ache, but you feel like you've filled yourself up with enough sunshine and fresh air to make it through the week, even if it rains. Apparently there was a north swell, which demanded that Simons drive up to Rodeo Beach for a new surf break. It was well worth the trip, since Beulah and I got to do a pretty good day hike on the Coastal, Wolf Ridge and Miwok trails, all of which had incredible views over the Bay and the Pacific. It was hot, thank heavens, and clear, the perfect reminder for why we moved out here in the first place.

Then we had to put ourselves in a foul temper by going to Target. It seems as though we have so much crap, we have to own crap to store our crap. We are craptacular. We are lousy with crap. The Target was very impressive and made us both want to scream and suck our thumbs and hide under the circle dress racks. Our cart was so full, I accidentally ran over a very mean person with no sense of humor at all. And then we went home and stored everything to the point that we're practically minimalist now.

We keep walking from room to room, saying, "Damn, it's clean in here." No dust. No stuff. No clutter. It's a good things Simons is so handy, an excellent trait in a husband.

Sunday was almost as fun, with another trip across the bridge to Bolinas, which is just past Stinson Beach. You go on this really nauseatingly curvy road through the redwoods and smellumy eucalyptus forests until suddenly you're absolutely blinded by the brilliance of the Pacific. It's breathtaking.

Bolinas itself is the most marvelously hippy beach, with happy families and romping dogs and little used book stores and VWs everywhere. Beulah got to swim, which is unusual, since the water is usually much too rough for small brown dogs. I got to throw her ball, pick up cool rocks, visit with all the nice hippies and check out all the awesome graffiti art on the seawall.

I got a great photo of this random longboarder, who caught an awesome wave just at sunset. It was almost enough to make me wish I'd brought my board. Anyway, I thought he was Simons which is why i snapped the picture, and then felt embarrassed and disloyal. But since the guy was walking up the beach, I showed him the picture and offered to email it to him. I'm sure he thought I was some nerdy surf groupy/stalker.

We drove home back through the redwoods and caught this final glimpse of the sunset over the water, with the first star overhead.


Jen said...

What a great weekend! Now I want to move to SF too.

barbie2be said...

that sounds terrific! i love weekends like that.

The Sorority said...

Don't you just love wonderful weekends with your husband! Those are the best weekends EVER! The best part is laying in bed once it is over, talking about it and then realizing that you can do this anytime you want!


Marcheline said...

Great pix, thanks for sharing!!!

- M