Wednesday, January 24, 2007

deadline shmeadline

I've been staring at a blank screen for about three hours now, interspersed with caramel eating, tea making, sleeve knitting, desperate eyebrow tweezing, Vanity Fair reading, and now, caramel sicking. The meeting with this brand new editor is in 13.5 hours, and if I don't get it together between now and 10:30 tomorrow morning, things are going to get ugly.

And so is my figure if I don't drop the Werther's caramels.

The nasty thing about writer's block/distraction is that I can think of about 15 brilliant writing projects for OTHER magazines and projects. I feel like a goddamn genius, only NOT FOR THIS. GAH!


Stepping Over the Junk said...

it usually comes around 11:00 at night for me, unfortunately, when I can actually produce really awesome work or write some great stuff... and then the anxiety starts to hit me that I have to be up in 6 hours and I get nearly nothing done.

I subscribe to Vanity Fair...IT IS GOOD WRITING in there, so at least you are getting some good journalistic reading practices. It takes me over an hour to read it, I love it, I read every page. (and rub every perfume sample on my body)

Good luck to you tomorrow.

Marcheline said...

There was a cop that used to work the same car as me, only the shift just before mine... he would smoke cigars in the car and leave it stanky and nasty when I picked it up.

After asking him nicely not to smoke cigars in the car, the shifts switched one fine summer day and he had to drive the car after me this time.

I went to a drugstore and bought all the copies of Vanity Fair, Cosmo, and etc. that I could find. I ripped out all the perfume sample pages and hid them in the car - places he'd never find.

Then I went to the relief point about ten minutes early, put all my stuff back in my personal car, and rolled the cop car windows up and let the car sit in the hot sun.

When CigarFace came to pick up the car, I jumped into my own car, waved, and said, "Have a good shift".

I bet he had some explaining to do that evening when he went home smelling like a French whorehouse...

Good luck on that deadline!

- M

The Sorority said...

I love Vanity Fair and Werther's chewy caramels - both are divine. I have had a subscription to Vanity Fair for years and read the entire magazine from cover to cover. It is one of the best written magazines out there.

I have the same feeling of 'Holy Crap' before I have to submit a response on an RFP for an event that I am going for. I can't think of a single creative thing that I could do for the client and sit there wanting to do ANYTHING else than write that damn proposal. Inspiration usually hits me around 2am.

Good luck and try popcorn as your next snack. It always works for me.


Nothing But Bonfires said...

Try getting in the shower. I always find my best ideas come when I'm standing under a stream of water, nekkid as a jaybird, and CAN'T write them down. I have to do it in steam or, like, shampoo or something.

Also, try taking a nap. I get struck with the inspiration just as I'm drifting off to sleep. Make sure you have a notepad by the bed. (Also, maybe by the shower.)

barbie2be said...

i usually do my best thinking when i am sitting on the throne... take your laptop in there with you.

or get out of the house for a little while and take beulah out for a romp to clear your head.

best of luck tomorrow!

Jill said...

Welcome to my world. Nice to have company.