Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Are you ever...

...just glowing with the satisfaction of a career, that while perhaps not raking in the Gs, is actually paying the bills and rent and possible skiing weekends? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, freelancing is actually working out. Today I had an emergency (read, $$$) assignment from my regular publisher. Also got an invoice request from a potential monthly magazine, which confuses me a tad since I wasn't aware I was supposed to have any finished products done yet. Yesterday I sent a major pitch to a contact of Miss Nobody's. And a friend of ours here just got a contract for the new SF museum at the old Mint and wants me to write all the copy for the website and capital campaign.

God, that feels really good.

Yesterday was considerably less feminist, spent conquering the Matterhorn of laundry we have accumulated since CHRISTMAS. Yes, I have not done laundry since December 17th. (Well, not HERE anyway.) The pile, when combined with bedroom, bathroom and kitchen, blocked off the entire hallway and reached my neck. Very impressive, even for me. It reminded me of a school cheer my dad used to sing when he was being an especial pain:

We are the Haut Gap girls
We are them flying squirrel
We wear most everything from blue jeans on down
One day, I'll be a wife
Wash clothes the rest my life
Yessir, I'm a Haut Gap girl.

I also made about sixteen batches of peanut butter pecan chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. Got dam, they were delish. I trotted a box of them down to my favorite knitting shop (Hello, June Cleaver?) and bought white merino wool to make baby booties for my niece's christening this weekend, and fingerless gloves for moi...the most HEAVENLY blue wool and silk yarn you've ever seen. I've been walking around freezing while everyone else wears my hats and gloves and mittens, and it's high time I made something for ME.

So tomorrow we fly off to Charleston again for the ball and to play with all the babies. Beulah is staying with her Uncle Charles here, and will doubtless ruin his life and apartment by the time we return to rescue him. He has this lovely minimalist apartment that was not made for galumphing devil dogs who hoist their stumpy bottoms up onto couch, regardless of whether you were sitting there first. Perhaps he will learn to love her bossiness and incessant paw chewing. Maybe he will even want to keep her.

I've been reviewing my adherence to the new years resolutions: So far I:
*Suck about giving Simons unwanted advice in the kitchen. It did save us from having to eat his nasty broiled steaks (flares nostrils with contempt). He did this on our first date, and I gnawed my way through that hockey puck as politely as I could. Who BROILS New York Strip?
*I did remember one birthday but forgot to send a card and had to call instead.
*I will have dinner with my godmother on her birthday, so I am making an effort not to be such an abysmal godchild.
*As far as keeping up the aunt and godmother relations, I will be seeing all of them in a few short days and come bearing knitted gifts (booties, leg warmers) and Chinese pj's from Chinatown and parasols.
*I have made several recipes from cookbooks, including the aforementioned cookies of delicious fatness, the coq au vin of doom, and my sister's crockpot mac and cheese of moo cow heaven. Also, this delicious pizza, pictured here.

*During these cooking adventures, I mastered the braiser and the slow cooker.
*So far I have run twice, gone to yoga not at all, and my new mat and weights sit shining in their unblemished newness on my TV table. They may sit there all year and become part of the colorful scenery of our home. South Beach has failed unless you're counting cookies, rice and pasta as vegetables.
*Simons and I did another three hour hike this weekend, and then tortured the dog's limp and broken frame while she languished on the couch. This is always good for some laughs, because she's too tired to bite us. If you tweak her toe hair, it makes her extra special mad.
*I have researched about three writing competitions, but haven't written anything yet
*And I did buy two extremely flattering pairs of jeans: Joe's and Sevens with the Sak's gift card from my mother-in-law. Isn't it amazing what an A-pocket can do for one's posterior?


Stepping Over the Junk said...

you inspire me, as I am too, a freelance artist...yet am having a hard time finding more than one freelance job at a time...art is perhaps different from writing.

I only do laundry once every two weeks anyway. It is more energy efficient you know. Just make sure you have enough underwear in the drawer and you can go for two months!

I am in the midst of writing about jeans. Good flattering jeans are so important, glad you got some. Heh heh.

And are you wearing your wedding dress to the ball???

The Sorority said...

You have totally inspired me to get back on the Resolution wagon and work out more. It was my resolution to be a 'fit' 40 year old vs. a 'fat' 40 year old. So far am leaning more towards fat but no more!

I am totally impressed that neither you or Simons ran out of underwear since your last bout of activity with the washer. Thanks for the tip about the jeans - am on a hunt for decent jeans to fit a 40 year old body who wants to look like someone in her 30s. My rear end thanks you for recommending a pair that might get it looked at in the future (a girl can dream can't she?) :)



barbie2be said...

i do 2 loads of laundry once a week and then on alternating weeks it's 3 loads with sheets and bath rugs and stuff...

but enough about my laundry.

have a great time in charleston. don't let the good ole boys get to you! and enjoy your time with the babies!

Marcheline said...

Since our cesspool is the size of a walnut and we share one cesspool between three families (when we have tenants, that is.... sigh) we take our laundry to the local laundromat and pay them to wash, dry, and fold everything for us. It's surprisingly cheap, and saves all that time and electricity!

Um - what the hell are "A-pockets" and what exactly do they do for one's arse? I may have to look into getting some if it's miraculous enough...

- M

Jennifer said...

I have fallen into this mire where I have no clean clothes to wear to some specific occasion (say... a business trip that requires CLEAN PANTS), so I'll just do a load to wash the clothes I desperately need. This alleviates the immediate need for doing laundry, and the pile grows some more, until I need to root through it again and pull out.... say, my only pair of non-holiday themed, not-black socks, and wash them. It's horrid. But the mountain of laundry is so intimidating that I don't dare tackle the whole thing.

Way to rock the freelancing world. I'm very jealous. I bet you don't have to network at boring meetings, do you?

Jemima said...

SOTJ: I'd tell you about the undies, but my dad reads this, so i won't. And yes, my wedding dress is newly pressed and hanging upstairs for the ball tonight. I'm actually pretty excited for it. I keep running my (clean) hands over the satin and getting butterflies. I guess a big poufy dress will do that for you.

Marcheline: Due, you have GOT to get some of these jeans. Joe's Jeans come in some "curvy" design that make your legs look about 10 feet long and like you need some "assatall," which frankly just ain't my problem. I got plenty of ass. The Seven's "A-pocket" jeans are designed to disguise the booty and also add length. Plus, neither of these offer the oh so lovely crack view when you bend over...which, I know makes it so hard to show off your sexy thong, but we all have trials to bear. The problem is that these jeans all cost a lot. A whole lot. But sometimes the confidence boost if worth it. And sometimes your generous in-laws give you a gift card to Saks, and you and your dog go shopping.

Jennifer: Dude, in my former career, I had to attend a LOT of networking events. I spent most of them eating cheese and searching desperately for familiar faces. It was awful and I go into fetal position just thinking about it. So, no, I don't have to network anymore. But on the other hand, I've got no one in my office to bitch about but me.

barbie2be said...

you can bitch to us about the evil NY hag. :)

Jill said...

Yay you work-wise! Very cool!!

Jenny said...

Now I'm craving pizza like mad.

God, that looks good.

Steff said...

So how'd you make the pizza crust? And please share those mac and cheese and cookie recipes!