Tuesday, December 19, 2006

In the event of an emergency, oxygen masks will drop from the ceiling...

...in which case I want them to save my dog first.

Simons and I are heading home to Charleston tomorrow morning for the holidays, and naturally, because we have no children aside from one smallish, mulish, goatish, brownish farting cur, we shall be bring the dog home with us. Christmas Eve is, after all, her birthday. I saw her gigantic brown head enter this world, with much confused screeching on the part of her mother, poor sweet gentle lambdog that she is, and I can't bring myself to kennel Beulah Buckethead for the first time at Christmas AND her birthday. Or, you know, EVER.

The past two months have been spent making her luuuuuurve her crate. Nowadays if one of us says, "go get in your house," she goes skidding down the hallway, thrusts her nose in the door and pries her way into it. So, our work is done. Tomorrow is the final exam though. 10 a.m. PT through 11:30 EST in the crate. That's a long time and I don't like it, not one little bit.

So early tomorrow I'm going to take her to romp her ass off for the third day in a row, in hopes that she will be properly, um, emptied, and worn out for her journey.

But it still feels mean.

Anyway, probably no posting tomorrow, because I'm shutting Eudora down now and putting her in her hard case and piling clothes around her. God, I hope she makes it through too. I'll be knitting furiously on the plane tomorrow, obsessing over the state of things below. Everyone say a little prayer tomorrow, because we can't afford more vet care OR a new computer. So there.


barbie2be said...

safe journey, Miss J. for you, simmons and the demon dog. :)

Stepping Over the Junk said...

have fun! are you allowed knitting needles on the plane now?

The Sorority said...

Safe journey to lovely Charleston to you, Simons and Miss Beulah! No worries about Miss B - she will probably sleep all the way to Charleston!

Merry Christmas!


PS - how did you get your Flickr account to show up on your blog. I have been unsuccessful as I am a computer idiot. Any suggestions would be appreciated once you gas up Eudora again.

Chollyson said...

Your dog has excellent paws, if I can say such a thing.

Jemima said...

If you think her paws are good, you should see her mother's. Her mom has Grinch feet.

And, I have confirmed that Beulah's paws smell like Fritos. I made my dad smell them over the holiday, most unwillingly, and he agreed. This is fun to taunt her with and could explain why she's always licking them.

Jemima said...

And yes, I did get to knit on the plane, which was excellent therapy and kept me from pestering the stewardesses about the cargo hold air pressure and heating systems. I guess they figure that evil terrorists don't knit booties.