Wednesday, December 13, 2006

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming...

Sorry about that. Eudora, my little white (well, used to be white anyway) iBook decided to die. Naturally, this while I was in the middle of two deadlines, and there was doom and rending of hair and a great wailing over all the land. Fortunately, I now live in a city that boasts of Apple stores, the kind you can walk into and lick all of the shiny glossy packaging and sniff the screens of new Mac Book Pros. Oh, the longing. However, I resisted the temptation of chucking poor Eudora's steaming corpse out into the street and purchasing a new one, and instead handed her over to someone I like to call Jesus, but his name is really Ben. He works at the Apple Genius Bar and can raise the dead...iBook. Lo, Ben spake, and the iBook rose, and Jemima genuflected, yea verily.

Anyhoo, I have her back now and shall post and post some more.

I guess I could do a whole Thanksgiving recap, but that would be boring, wouldn't it? I'll just do photos later. Suffice it to say I have 26 bags of turkey stock in my freezer, and i've been using the damned stuff as fast as I can. It's like there's no end to it!

Monday was sweet Simons' birthday, and tonight we are having friends over for a crab crack, seafood curry and cake. Three Cs. Unfortunately, I've already scoured the gross house and chopped the vegetables and bought the now what? Gah! I did the same thing on Thanksgiving! We all prepped so damned early, that I spent the rest of the day wringing my hands and wandering about touching things on the stove. This preparation is for the birds. I'll take a good panic any day! Simons must be rubbing off on me.

Hmph, how can I get even?

Lately, it's been seriously nasty here in San Francisco. Last week I told Simons it was going to start raining on Friday and he said, "and it won't stop till April." WHAT THE HELL? WHY DID NO ONE WARN ME ABOUT THIS! I haven't left the house in days. There is rain and chill and fog and mouldy homeless people lying in every doorway. I don't like it. I thought the Beach Boys were always singing about the "California Sun!" I never heard any Top 40 hits about the "California Pissing with Rain." I want answers!

Anyway, I bide my time by knitting. I'm up to about a hat or two a day now, and have done six of them since Saturday, plus two scarves, a baby sweater and some fingerless gloves. Soon I'll be all clawed and cobwebbed and people will call me Miss Haversham. I even went on a Knit Crawl on Saturday with Sonia and Erin...five knitting stores in one day, with a much needed detour to China Town for lunch to soothe my raging hangover with lemongrass beef. And (shame, SHAME) I even bought a knitting magazine the other day.

BUT IT WAS ONLY FOR ONE PATTERN! It's not like I took out a subscription or anything.

The dog is eyeing me desperately, so i must venture out into the bog. Bleh.


Stepping Over the Junk said...

you need to go south about 6 hours in the car to get that California ongoing sun.

barbie2be said...

it's downright pissy down here in san jose too. yesterday in an effort to not put anyone out i arose extra early and took the train and two busses to the hospital for my bronchoscopy only to arrive 45 minutes early and drenched like a sewer rat. it was miserable.

will you teach me to knit too? :) pretty please?

barbie2be said...
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barbie2be said...

yay! She's back!!!

Nothing But Bonfires said...

NO-ONE TOLD ME ABOUT THE RAIN EITHER. I'm thinking of changing my mind.

Jen said...

Welcome back! The rain must be a nationwide thing lately. This morning I could not see more than a block ahead of me -- it was like walking through a tropical rainforest, except it was only 45 degrees. Meh. It's better than snow, though. I hate snow.

Marcheline said...

A crab crack? You mean you're inviting Lindsay Lohan?

And as for Simons rubbing off on you... tell him it's okay, you're married now - you can shag!


- M

Wordnerd said...

Yay! Welcome back! Glad Eudora has risen and we will once again receive news (albeit soggy news) of California livin''s 73 and sunny here today, in case anyone wants to visit!

Jemima said...

Barbs, I'd be delighted to teach you how to knit. It's highly therapeutic. Except when something goes wrong, and then you inflict poor karma on the recipient of your future gift by swearing and cursing.

Holly, don't you DARE back out now. It's your fault I'm here, and now you have to be as miserable and mouldy as I am.

Marcheline, there were no skanks involved in the crab crack, thank you very little! Harumph! Pictures to come.