Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Agony

I'm writing thank you notes (FINALLY) and I haaaaaaaaaaate it. I really am grateful, and would happily throw dinner parties for each person or make them individual chocolate caramels with sea salt imprinted in their name. But I HATE writing thank you notes. HATE IT! HATE IT! I'm combining some with Christmas cards, and some have the humiliating combination of Christmas card, thank you note for gift AND a thank you note for a party. See, I suck. And Mom, you're not allowed to comment here or in any other forum.

I actually am trying on one write it as a Christmas card/condolence letter/thank you, but I don't think it's working. Damn.


Nothing But Bonfires said...

If it makes you feel any better, the thank you letter you sent me after the kitchen shower was the best one I've EVER got. I kept it in a drawer and read it when I was feeling down. It cracked me up.

Jemima said...

What did I say? I'm completely traumatized right now from having written the same thing 600 times, which makes me feel disingenuous. I tend to write thank you LETTERS, so it's taking me a really long time. Plus, I have tendonitis from knitting so much. No...really. Sigh.

Jennifer said...

I also hate the feeling that I'm no disingenuous by writing basically the same thing to everyone... but they'll never know. And it makes the task so much more do-able if you give yourself permission to not write a long, heartfelt, personal letter to every single person.

The key for me is to make a formula when you have such a volume of cards to write. I favor:

Dear ____:

Thank you so much for the lovely/great/beautiful _________. It has been great for _________. Thanks again, we truly love it!

We were so happy to see you at the wedding/party/etc. Thanks for sharing our day with us!


If you want some help, just ship some cards over to me! I have a serious problem with card-writing. I love it, not sure why. It's the only thing that saves me from total grinch-hood: We may not have a tree, and we may not exchange presents, but I ALWAYS send Christmas cards!

barbie2be said...

if i didn't have the handwriting of a serial killer, i would offer to help you too. but i am quite sure you at least want the cards to be legible.

Anonymous said...

i hate to point out the obvious, but if you didn't want to write hundreds of thank you notes, maybe you shouldn't have accepted hundreds of gifts.
i know you are getting lots of back up here (including the toddler appropriate fill-in-the-blank sample.) but honestly,it is hard to feel sorry about you taking 10 minutes to write a note to someone who shopped off a list you created and traveled to attend your wedding.

don't give is time well spent.