Tuesday, November 14, 2006


This is not going to be a very intelligent post. I'm tired. The damned dog had her pain medication patch removed yesterday and was very uncomfortable all night and kept bashing her bucket into the side of the bed. I finally got up, dragged her out of the bedroom and up on the couch with me and we slept from about 2:30 til 5, when I had to get up to work. Oy. I need a nap. But poor damned dog, I think she just wanted some comforting.

So last night I was feeling pretty pent up from being inside all day, and by the time Simons got home, I'd worked myself into a claustrophobic headache. Normally I really love to cook, so I could tell it was my bad mood talking when Simons asked what was for dinner and I fed him his liver raw.

Actually, I just gave him the flounder eye and instructed him in the fine art of "doing it your own damned self" before hying myself off to knitting. Boy was I glad that I did. First of all, unbeknownst to me, it must have been cupcake night, because there were about 15 different kind, four varieties with cream cheese frosting. Heaven!

Then it was also yarn swap night. See what a nerd I am. Still, yarn is expensive stuff, and I got enough to make two sweaters for free. Who wants a hot pink mohair sweater? No? I have apple green too. No one? Hmph.

And I met a new friend, who has the same last name as me, knits also, obviously, and is from Australia. We're going for lunch this week. I feel like a new kid in the cafeteria, but I figured that since I've forgotten any sort of finesse in the art of making friends, I'm just going to have to take the direct approach. "You wanna?"

I wish I could say that I came home and Simons had a hot dinner waiting, because after AN HOUR of driving in circles in the driving rain looking for parking, I was tired and starving. Instead, I came home to find a smug Simons who had ventured to the corner store to find a TASTING on olives and cheese. God, I could have killed him. He should have called me back from cupcakeland for that! Mmmm...cheese. But he had bought some fine wine and all the ingredients I asked him to for Italian Wedding Soup, which we will have tonight (hmmm, I should start making the meatballs). Since it was so late, we ate salmon melts and tomato soup and watched The Life Aquatic. That Bill Murray. He's fabulous.

Anyway, today was sunny again and lovely. And I had a job interview this afternoon for this enormously successful and famous entrepreneur. In a way, it was probably good that I didn't research him until this morning, because I would have worked myself into a complete lather. So it was an interesting interview, and the man is a complete kook. We sat on the floor and talked about swimming with dolphins and movies and business, etc. I think it went okay, and I'm imminently qualified to do what he needs. But I'm a little reluctant to take on full time work, even if it is writing. I like the idea of true freelancing, when your schedule is your own and you have to be self disciplined. Still, it would be a fascinating job.

Mph, maybe I just won't get it and the decision will be made for me.

Tomorrow, I'm taking the ferry to Sausalito!


Jenny said...

I'd totally wear a hot pink sweater. In fact I'm wearing my famouse hot pink taffetta and sequined skirt as we speak. So there.

PS. Can you teach me how to knit a hat with kitty ears?

Nothing But Bonfires said...

Please save some adventures for when I'm there with you! Specifically, let's get the timetable for this cheese and olive tasting thing. WE ARE NOT MISSING ANOTHER ONE.

Also, I would totally wear an apple green mohair sweater. My mother once lost my favorite apple green sweater and I'm still not quite sure if I've fully forgiven her. It wasn't mohair but still.

Jen said...

There's nothing like crusing around for a parking spot to darken the mood. Gah. This is why I don't go anywhere that I can't walk to anymore.

Stepping Over the Junk said...

I am laughing about the olives and such. Cupcakes would have been dinner for me.

Sausolito is fabulous. We used to drive up there every few months (from Malibu) to stay with a friend who had a view of Alcatraz from every window in her house. have a good time!~

roo said...

This post made me feel cozy, what with the fuzzy yarn and the cupcakes and all. You sound pretty darn contented. It's nice to hear.

As for honest-to-god freelancing versus a regular job, well, I worked freelance for about three years after I got out of school, and while I liked being my own boss, I hated never knowing if I would have money next month, and dealing with taxes and not having health insurance. But those issues might not be a problem for everyone.

I'm glad your interview went well, regardless. Rock on.

Wordnerd said...

You know, with all the doggy sickness, and the interviewing, and the knitting, and the new hubby that finds himself at an olive and cheese tasting instead of cooking you dinner, you still have this hella cool life! Good luck with the interview -- and by that I mean that I hope exactly what should happen does. I hope that made sense.

Marcheline said...

"Pretty Woman" has nothing on you... you are the original "fly by the seat of my pants kinda gal".

Trulio coolio.

- M

barbie2be said...

a little late to the party but... i am all about the pink!kvhqqq