Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sick Baby- Warning, tales of barf to follow

As much as I curse this dog we adopted, we really do love her. And it never shows as much as when she is really and truly sick. Poor Dog woke me up very early this morning with a serious anxious pacing that could only mean that she needed to go OUT. Bad.

So out we went, and the poor beast decorated the sidewalks around two city blocks, chucking up everything she's ever eaten. Now the dog generally barfs after she eats, but this desperate, continuous sort of puking was something new entirely.

She seemed much better afterwards (aren't we all), and by this afternoon, we thought she seemed well enough for a trip to the beach. After a jolly romp and some swimming and digging and ball throwing, she suddenly freaked and dashed up the beach and barfed up her entire breakfast. And we took her home and made much over her and even offered her chicken soup (which she is not normally allowed to eat, but they always say chicken broth is easy on the stomach). We knew when she refused my 12-hour chicken stock that she was probably on death's door. After a safe amount of time and piteous glances, we let her out of the safe kitchen zone with its easy to sterilize hardwood floors and she climbed up on the couch for cuddling. Thirty minutes later, she projectile vomited all the water she'd drunk since the beach. Simons has been holding her ears for her, and I keep wiping her mouth with fresh paper towels, but we're both really at a loss.

Her general disposition, plus her syptoms, have lead my online research to suggest she has some foreign body in her stomach. It could have been there for years and only now have caused problems. Or it could be one of 15 toothbrushes she's eaten since February.

We just signed up for pet insurance, and the policy doesn't cover illness for thirty days, but does cover accidents. So does eating a foreign body count as accident or as illness? I guess accident means injury rather than projectile barfing. What if we maybe say that a homeless person fed her a toothbrush. Then is it an accident?

Christ, I want our dog well, but considering how much equipment and procedures and diagnosis and medication last month's UTI cost, I'm really wondering how we can afford potential stomach surgery. Because judging by the vet's insistence on an ultrasound for some urinary crystal buildup, she's going to insist on about 65 pieces of machinery for this.

Damn. Damn. Damn.

What do parents of children do? Same thing...know you have to take them but dread the emergency room visits?


Marcheline said...

I know you dread it, but get her to the vet as soon as possible.

If it's something dumb like a food allergy, you'll be glad that you checked into it, because the barfing will then stop.

As tempting as it is to feed our animal family members table food, it's generally not good for their health. Stop giving her anything not specifically designed for doggies, including bones, chicken soup. etc.

If it's a serious illness or she's swallowed a foreign object, getting her to the vet sooner than later will be very important, too.

Hope she's better soon, and that it's something easy to treat!


Jemima said...

Beulah never gets table food, but vets usually say to switch them to chicken broth and rice if they have an upset stomach. It's very digestible.

And none of the effing vets around here can take same day appointments. I miss our vet in Charleston SO MUCH right now.

Jen said...

Cats and dogs are different, but one of my cats has a very sensitive stomach, as well as innumerable allergies, and he is also neurotic as hell. Oh, and he likes to eat anything he can get his mouth on, including unattended food, brooms, plants, socks... etc. I think all the fiber makes his belly feel better. Either that, or he's just as crazy as he acts.

Last year, Christmas Eve, I was getting ready to drive him home to NJ when he started barfing everywhere. At first he was vomiting food, then it was just dry heaving and saliva. I was really worried, and I didn't want to take him 200 miles to my mom's house, where I don't know any vets. So I took him to the emergency vet, where they told me they could either do an ultrasound (and then surgery to remove whatever they found), or we could wait it out. Since I could not afford the surgery (literally... could not have paid it with the entire contents of my savings accoutn), I opted to wait it out... especially since I was pretty sure the cause was a half-eaten purple string to a hoodie sweatshirt I found him sleeping with that morning.

The next day, he pooped out the string and all was fine. Of course, you have a dog, not a neurotic, non-food item eating cat. But here's to hoping it resolves on its own... the vet gave us some anit-nausea pills which seemed to help quite a bit.

Wordnerd said...

Yep, welcome to Parenting 101. And make that appointment.

barbie2be said...

oh no! i hope it isn't serious.