Friday, November 03, 2006

Camping Photographs

I finally added a Flickr link, which I'm not too sure about. Let me know if you think it's irritating, and I'll switch it to a stationary link.

Here are some pictures from our camping trip to Rock Lake near Tahoe/Graeagle. The lake was so smooth and calm, and apparently full of trout. We're determined to bring some fly rods with us next time. This is the morning after a very rocky (pun fully intended) night, with the dogs hogging the tent and me freezing my butt off, and my old old old bones creaking. Fortunately, Simons makes great coffee, even if it's in a rock kitchen. Here's me letting Beulah finish off my oatmeal and savoring my morning beverage.

As I mentioned, we got a late start and it was nearly dark by the time we found a good tent site. We realized the next morning that the tree over our tent was covered in bear claw marks and was dripping with sap.

Sunday we took a great hike to the top of the far ridge and looked down on our campsite and Rock Lake. Beulah was having a fine time, gambolling in the shrubbery and making a lot of noise with her bear bell. God, I hate that bell.

Here is the amazing bear hang Simons made in the tallest tree he could find. This is him scanning for bears.

Note: I just got off the phone with the woman in NY again, the one I totally unimpressed with my interviewing capabilities...well, I did it AGAIN. This is going to be a strained relationship, I can feel it. Her scorning me. Me trying too hard to show her that I am not mentally deficient. Me failing. Her scorning me more and more...


barbie2be said...

those are great! i love the first one with you and the devil dog.

rebecca said...

Hello, SEVEN neices and nephews all under the age of 13 - just on my husbands side (on my side the youngest is 15, the oldest 27 - yikes!) Anyhoo, not original, but, Gift Certificates. I myself visited Borders just yesterday and purchase $70 worth. I know it seems boring and unoriginal, but my n's & n's are all big readers. if you need to, pair it with a giant hershey bar - something they can "sink their teeth into" right away. good luck.

Marcheline said...

Jem, don't mind becca, she's just been into the cooking sherry again.




Especially the one of you looking like the Almay All Natural Poster Girl with Belled Dog and background lake.

Aren't guys funny when they get all hepped up to prevent bears from doing bear things? Or detect bears who might try to do bear things in their vicinity?

I always think so. I mean, I know you have to hang your shit in a tree so it doesn't get eaten, but it's still really funny how butch they get when they're all foamed up about facing the imaginary fifteen foot grizzly. It's so primitive.


- M

Jenny said...

That looks like so much fun!

PS. You aren't supposed to look that good while camping. Makes the rest of us look bad.