Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Dear Mom,

Why did you leave me here with the vet? I am sad. Yesterday they stole my ball and duck. To get even, I puked on the vet. I am crafty.

But today you visited me and washed my face and scratched my nose, which was nice. And you fed me chicken and rice (but not enough). That was nice too.

But then you left.

I am sad.

Promise you'll bring me home tomorrow? I'll be a good dog.

No more puking.

Love Beulah

PS: Please thank all the very nice people who crossed their paws for me. I'm sure it was their prayers that got me through.


barbie2be said...

oh, that poor sweet face! she looks so sad.

i'm glad she is going to be ok.

kenju said...

Poor Beulah! Kiss her for me, please and feed her some more so she won't look so sad.

Kari said...

I'm glad she is better! She looks very sweet in those photos.

Worth every penny.

Alexandrialeigh said...

Oh, she looks so pitiful! Poor baby. Tell her Murphy thinks she looks hot in that cone.

CharlestonGirl said...

Aw what a sweet baby! She does look so sad...bless her heart. I am so glad she is okay! Glad she puked on the vet though, I mean for $5,000 she should be able to puke on the vet as much as she wants! :) In fact if the vet had told me I owed him $5,000, I would probably puke on him too!

Jen said...

Being a vet must suck. When my perpetually sick (but very sweet) cat went to the vet for surgery, it was the first time I've ever seen him growl and hiss. He would have puked on him too, if we'd given him a few more minutes. I think vets always see animals at their worst.

I'm glad poor Beulah is OK! Does she get to come home soon?

Marcheline said...

Go, Beulah - work dat collar, baybee!

Jem, hope your baby is home with you soon!

- M

maggie said...

Those eyes! Breaking my heart!

Get well soon, Beulah!

The Sorority said...

First time commenter, avid reader! Had to comment once I saw pretty Beulah and her sad face. I live with a puppy that is a total pro at the sad face.

Glad that she is feeling better and is now sans duck and all other foreign items.

I hope she gets to come home soon to her mom and dad!