Thursday, October 12, 2006


Now I know nobody cares about hearing my dream from last night, because you're probably not in it. HOWEVER, I'm now convinced I'm probably going to die, so I'm writing about it anyway.

First, and this is not the death part, I was fixing Thanksgiving dinner in this strange house, which presumably was mine. But I was wearing roller skates and the kitchen was steep. Like Nob Hill steep. My father in law was giving himself vapors watching me skate to the top and back.

Maybe that was a sign that I will overcome challenges (and hills) and San Francisco will become comfortable for me? Dammit, I hope so.

THEN, Simons and I were driving this beautiful old timey silver truck through the woods on a perfect fall day. All the leaves were changing and the light was incredible. You know those days when it just Smells like autumn, all crisp and tingly like something's about to happen? And then we came to this bridge that although small, was famous for being the only way people could at one time get to some certain island. I thought it was Wadmalaw (marsh island in Charleston) in my dream, but maybe I made that up. Simons wanted to take all these pictures of the little white bridge to sketch, and the great part was that Woo (Jack Russell I got for my tenth birthday who passed away last year) and my sister's deceased gigantic black lab, Bushman, were there too, romping around gaily and getting in the way. And we couldn't take too long because this older couple in a car were waiting to get across the bridge too.

Old people. Dead dogs. A BRIDGE!

Hello! I'm so dreaming about The Passage.

Oh well, at least Woo and Simons were there too, and it seemed quite lovely and cozy. Notice Beulah Devil Dog wasn't there. That's because she's going to the hot place where refrigerator-opening, perpetually scratching, toilet paper eating, carsick dogs burn for all eternity. HELL, I SAY! HELL!


Olivia Piper said...

Nice that you could visit with Woo. I'm an anonymous reader who found your column. I appreciate your writing style and think you are very funny. I envy that you are an athlete and wrote a column about you today.

No worries. I'm normal. Just blogging my way through this GD desk job.

Jen said...

Your dog will have good company in Pet Hell. I have a few cats who will be joining him there, after a lifetime of unrolling all my toilet paper, peeing on the bathmat, and throwing up on the white rug.

Marcheline said...

Hey - last night, I dreamed about a family reunion (of sorts) that included my recently deceased uncle, starring as a live version of himself.

I'm with Olivia on this one - count it as a nice little re-visit with your old canine pals...

I dug the rest of the dream, too- I love dreams!

- M