Thursday, October 19, 2006


A Little Pissed

Simons has lost his wedding ring. Okay, well, maybe not totally lost, but it's at work and he's home without it on his finger. Am I right to be slightly pissed about that? It bothers me that he just takes it off while he's doing AutoCad because it hurts his finger. Um, TOUGH SH*T! Marriage is always shiny and sparkly and comfy. Sometimes it gouges your freaking eye out when you're washing your face, but you deal.

A Lot Pissed

I was supposed to run the Chicago Marathon this weekend. But what with getting married, moving across the country, and a nasty and persistent case of Plantars Fascitis (like a stone bruise but has to do with your tendon), that didn't happen. But my running partners wanted to stay in the room I was getting, seeing as how the nearby hotels are hard to book, and I got a good discount as part of Team In Training. I said they could, if they paid me in advance. Well, they did not, despite repeated urging. And yesterday, a week after the deadline, they finally deposited two thirds of the total $816 in my account. And when I called, one of the girls, oh, let's call her Jill, said she thought I was still coming and was all shocked that she and the other girl, um, Theresa, had to pay the whole thing. Um, Jill and Theresa have known since June that I wasn't going to run it.

Well, as tempting as it was to just write them a check back and tell them good luck sleeping in the park and GEE, HOPE IT DOESN'T SNOW, I would actually be screwing a charity, since TNT had already booked the room. So I had to go ahead and pay for it out of my credit card. Keep in mind the moving and the unemployment and whatnot.

Let it go. Let it go. Let it go. Oh my God, I'm so broke. Let it go. Let it go....


Jill said...

I'm not so great at letting things go either, but I do know the "let it go let it go let it go" chant goes down better with cookies.

barbie2be said...

ok, that's just wrong. and i am sure that they know it.

Alexandrialeigh said...

I take off my engagement ring at work a lot, because when I'm cold my fingers shrink and my ring is too big, and it slides all over the place when I type. And they always turn the AC down to freezing, so I'm usually cold.

But I've never forgotten it at work.

Jennifer said...

Those people are jerks. I would tell you not to back down, but I know that I would, because I am weak. But seriously, don't back down!

NothingButBonfires said...

Fucked up.

BUT, recite this mantra to yourself: pay it and forget it, pay it and forget it.

My German grandma taught me that one, and it always helps in times of car accidents or medical bills. Why, it helped just the other day when I bought a beach towel because I thought my hotel didn't have beach towels and then it turned out that they DID have beach towels and so I tried to return my (totally overpriced) beach towel to the convenience store I'd bought it from and they refused to let me do it, ASSHOLES, NOW I HAVE A BEACH TOWEL I DON''T NEED AND IT'S TAKING UP ROOM IN MY BACKPACK THAT COULD BE USED FOR PRESENTS FOR JEMIMA.

So, uh, pay it and forget it.

Marcheline said...

I have a better mantra.

"Next time, get the money up front. Next time, get the money up front..."

- M

P.S. Tell A.S. to wear his gotdam wedding ring. The only excuse for a guy not wearing his wedding band at work is if he is a factory worker that uses hydraulic press machinery - if the hand gets caught in the machine, the ring cuts the finger off. That is the ONLY good excuse, in my opinion.