Monday, October 16, 2006


Simons and I went sailing in the Bay this Saturday with a friend of ours from Charleston. His ex-wife, who owns an excellent art gallery in Charleston, had an affair with the owner of a giant pharmaceutical conglomerate after HIS wife, who is best friends with Simons' mom, had an affair with her tennis pro. Simons housesat at her amazing four storey house on Legare Street while she was off in Maine gallivanting with said tennis pro, and I always wanted to throw a croquet party in her luxe backyard. Well the art gallery owner’s now ex husband is an awfully nice man, and he came out here presumably to avoid witnessing the illicit love affair between his wife and another man and to complete a psychology degree in marital and family counseling...God, he could write a book. Anyhoo, he has a GORGEOUS sailboat which is practically a work of art with shiny wood and glistening metal and a gigantic red spinnaker that is too preppy for words.

Our new home

Wind Direction






My husband is my caliente

Sadly our sailboat owning friend is a teetotaler, which is only sad because there’s nothing that goes down better on a yacht than a mimosa, or a bloody mary, or a julep or really anything with rum, or hell, alcohol for that matter. But, it was still a nice way to spend a Saturday. We spotted sea lions swimming in the middle of the bay, which is a little freaky since it’s 150-feet deep in some places. That’s just so much deep darkness…

And we crept up on Alcatraz, which I must admit, I’ve never had much desire to visit. I’ve spent so much of my life trying to avoid going to prison, so why in the hell would I want to pay money to GO? Anyway, it looked so damned haunted and COLD up there, surrounded by all that deep and dark and chilly hard stone, now I want to go read the Count of Monte Cristo all over again. I haven’t read it since sixth grade when we had to read it in French, and something tells me it’s time to pick it up again.

Then my favorite auntie, (Ant) Scott, was in town for a legal conference, and we went to Stinson Beach to try to feed Beulah to the sharks. Sadly, even the sharks know she will give them indigestion. That damned dog got a UTI on Friday, and so I found a vet that would accept us on the same day, walked in and said, “She has a UTI. She needs some Baytril.” Well, the swiving vet insisted on doing an ULTRASOUND and a needle extraction urine sample and charging us freaking $280 (she wanted to do a bacteria culture that would have cost $170 more) to say, “She has a UTI. She needs some Baytril.”


I should have just given them the dog, since we pay that much in replacement toothbrushes every month. The good news is that Devil seems to be feeling much better and we have had no more desperate pottying adventures in the park. However, the vet called on Saturday night to recommend we bring her back in a week for an additional ultrasound and needle urine extraction so that she can make sure the UTI is indeed gone. I wanted to say, "Well if she ain't pissing 65 times, isn't that a good indicator that it's gone? Oh wait, if it doesn't cost anything, then it can't be true..."

Oh, back to my aunt and uncle. We visited some shops, and Scott bought me a lovely knitting book called Last Minute Knitted Gifts. 90% of the projects in it are so lovely, I want to hug the pages. I’m determined to make all knitted gifts for Christmas, although I may be a bit late. I hear sweaters take an awfully long time. I’m working on a baby sweater for Sarah Elizabeth (who discovered her hands this weekend!) and after that, maybe I’ll make a gorgeous raglan sweater for Simons. With a zipper…Mmmmm, hot zippered sweater....Mmmm, removing hot zippered sweater from husband...mmmm

We all ate at Nob Hill Café last night for dinner, Scott’s favorite place. Divine. So divine. Carbonara with vats of butter and garlic and parmesan and pancetta. When I die, I want to come back as carbonara.


Anonymous said...

It all sounds (and looks!) so wonderful...well, except for Devildog's $280 UTI...

jen said...

Sounds like instead of Laguna Beach season 3, MTV should look into making The SC: The Real Charleston. That's a lot of drama! (And an awesome boat).

Marcheline said...

Don't read Monte Cristo again - watch the film version, starring Gerard Depardieu. It's GREAT.

Glad to see you're back to enjoying married life! 8-)

- M

Jill said...

You made me want to go to San Francisco again ...

barbie2be said...

the sailing looks great, adn yes... your spouse is muy caliente!

for the best carbonara EVER you MUST go to the Little Napoli Cafe in Carmel. I've had carbonara in Italy and this was better.