Friday, October 06, 2006

Jobs Shmobs

Does anyone else just find job searching to be totally debilitating? It’s a little like wearing your heart on your sleeve and having people tell you that you either are or aren’t good enough. And when they don’t bother to contact you at all…well, that’s just mean.

So I had my first interview today, with (and don’t even SAY it) a big PR firm out here. And no, I do not, under any circumstances, want a PR job. If I were to take one, no matter how fancy, I would be selling out. I came out here to WRITE, goddammitohell, and that’s what I want to do. But in the next day or two, I’m going to have to ask my husband for money, and no matter how great our partnership, some small part of me will wither and die when I do it. It’s so…so…June Cleaverish.

Anyway, the interview went okay, I guess. I met with their senior vice president, who I must say, is a complete douchebag, one of those people who has to negate every single thing you say no matter what. If you say the sky is blue, he’ll tell you it’s pink and here’s why. The other three people I met with while I was there were pretty nice and seemed fun, and my writing test went fine (I mean, really). So because I don’t want it, they’ll probably make some hideously great offer on Monday that will be so hard to refuse, because think of all the fun shoes I could buy and get ourselves out of the disgusting amount of debt we are in. Simons says I shouldn’t even consider taking it, which is kind of awesome man he is. But remember… “wither and die.”

Lots of other fun stuff has been happening. I went to my first Castro Street Fair last weekend. There were gay cheerleaders, who were incredibly mediocre, but damn I love a good sweater monkey. And lots of very large buff men with teeny weeny dogs. And drag queens…lots and lots of veeeeerry ugly drag queens. AND (!!!) I saw one of the twins from America’s Next Top Model. Actually, my friend Steve had to point her out, because I haven’t watched any of this season’s episodes. I’m too busy catching up on Grey’s Anatomy. Lust, Lust.

And Simons has been surfing, while Mistress of Evil Who Has Learned How To Open The Fridge And Must Be Stopped For The Love Of God and I have gone for lots of beach romps. I should hire her out to the military for trench digging or landmine rooting. This hole was bigger than she was.

And look how proud…

It’s new for me to walk on the beach barefoot while wearing a down parka. But there is tons of interesting stuff to poke at. The sea kelp looks like something from outer space.

Here is my kitchen and the view from my back stairs.

I love my apartment so much I want to lick it.
Which is good, because I can't afford to leave it.


Alexandrialeigh said...

A few things:

1. You look v. happy.
2. I need a new digital camera that takes photos like yours. What kind is yours, and does it have a shutter lag? I cannot have a shutter lag.
3. I am jealous of your view.
4. The PR job can be only temporary if you use it to make good contacts and shop around your clips and get your foot in the door elsewhere.
5. Don't feel like a sellout for needing to make money; your writing skills put you at a higher caliber than most of the PR hacks anyway, and you'll get writing gigs based on that, not based on whether or not you currently work in PR. Plus, if you learn all of the important media people through working in PR and they get your error-free and interesting (hopefully) press releases, they will appreciate you instead of hating your guts for being a stupid PR person who can't even use proper punctuation. Ahem. Not that any of us actually hate any of their guts. Not really.

Miss you!

barbie2be said...

i agree with alexandrialeigh, it's not selling out if you need to pay the bills AND as long as you use it as a stepping stone to bigger and better things!

it looks like you are settling in quite nicely!

roo said...

I agree-- jobs, shmobs. Looks like you landed on your feet-- your apartment's gorgeous, and your new neighborhood is filled with things to see and do, and the beaches are strewn with strange and beauitful kelp...

I'm so glad to hear you sounding so happy! Congrats on surviving the move!

Marcheline said...

I can totally feel your pain on the job search suckability factor... Bear is going through the same thing right now.

Good luck with the interview, and I either hope you get it or you don't, dependent on what your hopes are... but don't forget the old adage - it's always easier to find a job when you already have one than it is when you don't. Something about the lack of desperation being a good thing, I think.


Bear said...


I am feeling your pain, and I am hearing your screams...

Job hunting has got to be one of the most demoralizing, soul-killing, suck-ass pastimes in human history...

.. I feel as though any second, some pimp is going to tell me that he wants to 'take care' of me...

.. I'm going to go scrub myself raw now...

Good luck.. I hope your search goes well!