Thursday, October 26, 2006


Here are the fruits of two days' labor.

Ten chicken pies for Simons to take to work.

Rather than have him spend a lot of money on lunches, I went and spent even more money so I could spend two days making these.

And why are there only ten instead of the promised twelve.

Because I ate two of them. Not because I was hungry. But because they were there. And the worst part about it is that they weren't even any good.



roo said...

Awww. Well, they look pretty tasty, at least.

Jemima said...

They're not. At all.

Jenny said...

But they look gorgeous! Maybe you could just shellack them and use them as decorations?

s@bd said...

if it makes you feel better, they look AMAZING.

(Oh, I see someone already tried that.)

Jen said...

You know, that makes me feel better about the time that I said (to myself), "I'll MAKE us an anniversary dinner, instead of going out, that way we can save money for vacation!", and then I spent over $100 on groceries for this dinner, and it tasted awful, and the only thing that saved it was the wine, which was clearly from a store, and I didn't even buy. I feel much better knowing I'm not the only one (and from your past food entries, I know you're an awesome cook, so it happens to GOOD CHEFS! There is hope for me yet!)

Is it too late to admit defeat and order a 5-foot sub from the grocery store?

Jemima said...

Well, Simons would probably prefer a five foot sub, but it's a little inconvenient to fit in the freezer for his take-to-work lunch. Although, believe me, it's hasn't escaped my notice that Simons has scampered out the door every morning without remembering to take one.

So if anyone bought the Saveur Cooks American cookbook with the big glossy pictures, the one of Mrs Garret's Chicken Pies...don't make that one. Or if you do, substitute Julia Child's pastry recipe, which is easier anyway, add white wine to the chicken mixture, and leave out the peppers. And maybe add thyme, carrots and some arsenic too, because you're going to want to die after doing all that work and realizing that it sucks.

Marcheline said...

Been there, done that - and eaten it all myself, out of guilt.

Your next culinary project is bound to be GRRRREAT! You'll see.

- M

Jenny said...

Hey. Four days later and they still look great.

Looks like the shellack worked, huh?

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of the time I tried to be a grownup and make a special dinner for my new hubby -- beef bourguignon -- cooked all day only to find out that he HATES wine in his food.

Jemima said...

Who hates wine in their food? That's just weird.