Sunday, October 08, 2006


Simons' friend Steve has this saying that he made up when he moved to San Francisco from Manhattan. People move here for the sunshine and the cool music and the sweet rock climbing and the healthy living and the drag queens. They move here because the restaurants are paradise, because the money is good, because they like the fucking avocadoes, right? Well, on a fine weekend like the one we just had, everyone is buying into it. As Steve says, "They're buying the burrito."

I am buying the burrito. I am paying extra for the avocado.

Let's review.

Ocean Beach for surfing and dog walking.
Free bluegrass concert (Hardly Strictly Bluegrass) in Golden Gate Park, where I sat on my blanket with my dog, eating funny cookies and knitting WHILE WATCHING EARL SCRUGGS, GILLIAN WELCH, EMMY LOU HARRIS AND DAVID RAWLINGS.

Grace Cathedral to pray for Bush's impeachment
Bouldering at Tiberon where my husband went all crazy showing this rock who's boss. Um, meow?
Lunch in Alamo Square while watching the Blue Angels do aerial tricks overhead

Damn, I love burrito.


barbie2be said...

holy cow! earl scruggs and emmy lou FOR FREE??? i'd buy that burrito too!

gotta love fleet week.

Anonymous said...

Are you trying to make me hate you? You know I'm too petty to be "happy" for people.

Gillian? Really? free? Sweet.


Marcheline said...

So - do you eat that with hot sauce, or mild?

Wordnerd said...

Not fair. At all.

Jemima said... spicy. Marcheline, didn't you read the part about Simons totally mastering the rock??? Meow. Mmmm...if that ain't hot and spicy, I don't know what is. Sigh. I love my husband.