Saturday, September 02, 2006

A whole box of sweet cracker sandwiches

We have an apartment.


Simons called at the end of the baby shower today to tell me he'd signed a lease for $1770 (not too bad all things considered. Hope I get a fucking JOB soon!) for a one bedroom apt on Russian Hill right near Lafayette Park on the corner of Washington and Hyde. It has a view of the Golden Gate Bridge, and trolleys out the front. It has a gas stove pour moi, and lots of room for all our stuff, even a storage room! The owner was happy with Dog, probably more so than I, and didn't add a pet deposit, and didn't even ask us for first and last month's rent in advance. Just a security deposit and the rent. HOLY CRAP!

So I'm unbelievably excited, but Crikey, i have 12 days to move. TWELVE! Oh my God, I have to go lie down. And smoke. And I need a drink. Maybe more than one.

PS: May I just say how APPALLED I was that people showed up EARLY for the baby shower. My sister was sitting there breast feeding Sarah for Pete's Sake (fourth Protestant exclamation in one post) when this woman shows up twenty minutes early. What, does she think we have time to sit around and entertain her when we're still cooking? HOW RUDE!


Anonymous said...



barbie2be said...

yippee! you're going to love it!

Anonymous said...

Anyone that arrives twenty minutes prior to a baby shower loses "guest" status and gets handed a chore or two. That's my rule. The nerve!

Congrats on the apartment -- sounds wonderful!!!

Helen said...

Congratulations! Good luck with that apartment.
Helen x

Horrible Warning said...

That sounds amazing! But 12 days?!? Good luck with that...

Marcheline said...

Congrats on the apartment!

Bad, bad Beulah!!!

Early guests = more prep help!

Helpful hint:

Don't drink, don't smoke - GET PACKING!!!! 8-)

- M