Tuesday, September 12, 2006


I hate packing
I hate moving
I hate being married
I hate not being financially independent
I hate having to deal with someone else's moody bullshit when at least he has a goddamn job and has laid eyes on the apartment where we're moving and knows how to navigate the goddamn public transportation system, whereas I have no idea and no job and no fucking clue what I'm doing
I hate feeling like I'm going to cry
I hate saying goodbye to my sister
I hate compromising on packing space
I hate selling my car
I hate that I haven't sold my car
I hate not having enough time
I hate this crappy iBook since i had to give back my G4
I hate eating off of plastic plates
I hate not being able to find anything
I hate that I have gained 10 lbs and the aforementioned moody bastard probably thinks I'm hideous and that none of my clothes fit
I hate feeling separated from my friends
I hate feeling so goddamn hateful

I really really hate packing


Horrible Warning said...

You are my hero for taking such a leap. Most people would never have the guts. Oh, and moving sucks throbbing hairy donkey penis.

BTW, between all the box lifting and husband ass kicking you'll be doing in the next couple of weeks, you'll be saying "what weight?". Also? SF has tons of hills to run up and down, and the Bay to Breakers.

Alexandrialeigh said...

I love you, Jem!

Anonymous said...

Refer to your post on Thursday, June 08, 2006.

NothingButBonfires said...

IT WILL ALL WOKR OUT. Seriously, I thought we were NEVER going to leave Charleston; it took ages and ages and ages to pack, and the whole time I was either crying or shouting at Sean or breaking shit (sometimes accidentally, sometimes not), but in the end it all just comes together. You DO get it all packed, and you DO like each other again, and you DO get excited (again) about this Big New Adventure. I promise.

Now, let's review:
Gas stove
View of the Golden Gate Bridge
Super hot husband with dimples
Trader Joe's
In N'Out Burger
Peets Coffee
Proximity to Tahoe
Not stuck in crappy Internet cafe in Cambodia where the keys are all stuck together and it takes 10 minutes to type ONE BLOODY COMMENT.

I'd say you're coming out on top.

barbie2be said...

and best of all, you'll get some new friends on this side of the country that are willing to help you paint and/or unpack! :)

Matt said...

Even though you despair, you still can't disagree with Holly...

It will all work out, even though you are stressing right now... Just focus on the future, and where you will be in, say, a month from now, all settled in a kick ass apartment in a kick ass city with kick ass everything! A month from now, all this stress will not matter.

Anonymous said...

Don't you just LOVE how packing makes you feel so good?

I agree with everyone -- in a few weeks, when you have a change of scenery, you'll also have a change of heart.

Hugs & good wishes...

Jen said...

I hate moving. I hate it so, so much. In the beginning, I'm always all optimistic, thinking how it will be great to have a fresh start in a new place that doesn't have crap piled up in all the closets, and how refreshing it will be to go through all our stuff and get rid of all the things we don't need and never use.... and that lasts approximately one day, and then the crying starts. I moved 6 times in 4 years, and it's been 3 years since the last one and I'm STILL not over the horror.

So, I sympathise. A lot. I hate the "I HATE EVERYTHING" mindset that always sets in when it's moving time. Especially moving so far away... that adds a scary factor too.

But SF is great. And you already know Holly and Sean... 2 good things, at the very least. I admire you guys for being so adventurous. I would have started the crying long, long ago. Like, the moment I started thinking about moving.

Marcheline said...

Nothing But Bonfires has been in China too long.... she said it will all WOKr out! HA!

Hahahaha! Isn't that funny?

See? You've already forgotten about packing!