Friday, September 29, 2006


I was plugging away at the emailing clips and and job searching yesterday when I got a desperate phone call from Simons at Ocean Beach, calling from someone else's cell, and immediately I assumed he was bleeding since I'd been berating him before he left about surfing buddyless. And no, I wouldn't go with him even if he asked (well, maybe then) because I NEED SOME TIME ALONE. Even when you are with the person you love, emailing/begging for jobs should really be done alone in a dark room surrounded by trickling water and bats. I'm just not used to this sudden shortage of personal space.

Someone had stolen his car key while he was surfing, and some other surfer said it had happened to him and because the car and wallet were still there, he had assumed everything was okay until a week later when all his credit cards were hosed. Nice. So I RODE THE BUS for an hour to get there--ME, who has never taken public transportation in the United States ever. ME! And I didn't get lost. There was a fair amount of galloping across streets and begging bus drivers for directional information, but I at least picked the correct bus lines and stuff. Hooray! And I found my husband and everything is golden. We are home now, with no credit cards, no money, no jobs (for me) and no way of paying for anything. Tralallaa.


The Girl Who said...

"emailing/begging for jobs should really be done alone in a dark room surrounded by trickling water and bats."

YES. This is my life as well and I couldn't agree more. Of course, when I'm "job searching" I'm really here reading your blog.

Marcheline said...

Actually, emailing and begging for jobs should be done while receiving a back massage, drinking many cosmos, and listening to one's favorite music. Responses to all resumes sent out should be instantaneous and positive.

Sadly, like most other things that should be, this scenario is as likely to happen as winning Lotto.

That sux about AS getting ripped off. I won't mention anything remotely snarky, like why the frig did he leave his car keys on the beach instead of wearing them around his neck. Nothing like that.

I promise.

Besides, I'm sure you already hit him with that one.

barbie2be said...

yikes! well, welcome to california!