Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Thanks for all the nice comments. I was clearly having trouble breathing in the last post.

So Simons and I are officially moving to San Francisco. It’s something we’ve talked about doing for nearly three years now, and we’ve finally bit (bitten?) the bullet. Christ, I’m so scared and excited I could faint. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m getting an ulcer.

So here’s the status of things.

We have to sell my car (2004 Mini Cooper, still under warranty...any takers? Anyone? Who wants cream? Anyone?). It’s so cute and happy, and it’s kiiiiilling me to sell it. But the damned thing won’t hold more than the dog and a shoebox, so camping trips and skiing would require bathing suits only. Plus parking is too expensive in San Francisco for two cars. Sooo...goodbye Mini. (does someone hear weeping?) I’m going to try eBay, as my friend Billy is excellent at selling cars online.

We have to have a yard sale, because there is no way we can afford to move all of our crap. Most of our furniture will have to go, and we’ll make up for it at Ikea when we get there. Hopefully we’ll have a decent sized kitchen, so all my implements of tastiness will fit. Is a gas stove too much to ask? Simons is flying out there on Sunday to interview with architecture firms and find a place for us to live, and if the boy comes back with a lease with an electric stove, I will dissolve. Call me a princess, but if he wants to actually enjoy my cooking, he has to deliver the goods.

I have to find a job. Ideally, I would like to start freelancing full time, which would definitely motivate me to hustle up magazines and pitches. However, I’m moving to a city where I have no contacts and won’t even know where the nearest grocery store is. So it might be better if I work at a newspaper or magazine for a while to get my feet wet. Of course, it would be easier to start sending clips if the #@$% publication I freelance for currently would send me my requested stories. Curse them! A pox on their office!

Breathe, 2, 3, 4...

We need to paint the porch of the little house, and tidy the yard. It’s my dad’s rental property and since he’s rented it to us for the bare minimum, we want to leave it better than we found it. We also want to find a renter before we leave, so Daddy won’t be left with no rent. I guess I could put it on Craigslist as well as the graduate school sites. He has a loathing of college renters, as they tend to suck and be destructive.

Then we have to pack and put the stuff we want to keep, but can’t take, into storage. Moving! Bah! By all accounts, movers rip you off. And steal from you. And break everything. And charge you weird and unexpected fees. So should we put everything in a U-Haul and do it ourselves, or drive across the country in his Subaru and let someone else suffer with parking and slow driving and all that?

And my nieces! My delicious and silly, scrumptious little nieces! What do I do about them? Bean will remember me, I know, but I really like being able to visit my sister and fix her tricycle and watch Cinderella and eat her toes and watch her ballet classes. And the new baby, my namesake with her sweet smelling, wooly little head...Oh! How I’m going to cry at leaving her. Bean and I will always be close, but Sarah won’t have any idea who I am. And that KILLS me!

At what point do we have to say, “Yes, it hurts, but that is someone else’s life and I have to go live mine”? The Leo part of me is absolutely longing for adventure, and logically, this is the best time to go before my parents get too old, and we have (maybe) children of our own. We aren’t truly settled in jobs, although mine was definitely set to lead somewhere good...only I didn’t like it that much. We’re the most flexible we will ever be...God, we’re getting old. But the little crabby Cancer part of me is already under the bed weeping and clutching at the door frame and is prostrate with regret and sadness and bad scenarios.

Moving is hard on the heart.


Thespian Libby said...

You will be fascinating wonderful Auntie Sara who visits from exotic far away places, bearing the most delightful gifts. Your new niecelet will absolutely know you. We Sara(h) Elizabeths always recognize each other. It's a gift, this being a Sara(h) Elizabeth...(insert graceless segue here....) And as to the house, I don't know that Lovely Neighbor Stacy has found a permanent home yet. Why don't you check with her?

Horrible Warning said...

My heart breaks for you leaving that tiny little baby and Bean. The Chipmunk is 400 miles away, and has been her whole life (I moved away 13 years ago...gah, I am old!). Every time I talk to her on the phone (her with her own little two year old language), every time I have to leave from visiting, I die a little inside. But she always remembers me and we have a special relationship.

You're going to LOVE SF. You'll miss your family like crazy, but this is an adventure. You'll have a blast.

Alexandrialeigh said...

You will have San Francisco for a while, but you will always have your nieces.

And if you end up staying in San Francisco for longer than you think, how cool will it be to have the Bean and the mini-Sarah fly to visit you and spend a very grown-up week shopping and going to museums and listening to the seals at the wharf?

They will think you are so brave and exotic, and you will give them their first introductions to life outside South Carolina.

I never lived near any of my family, ever, and my aunts were the ones who taught me about museums and caves and art shows and all kinds of really interesting, eye-opening things.

Marcheline said...

Hey! Having moved 5 times in as many years, I would have to say move the stuff yourself.

You're right about movers. Unreliable theives, and for the most part, scary people, really. Pack your own, drive your own. It's fun! As long as it's not during a driving rainstorm while you have bronchitis. Ask me how I know.

Keep us updated on the Great Adventure!!!

- M

barbie2be said...

i have to agree with marcheline. although it's WAY more work, do it yourself is the way to go. you can trailer the subaru behind a uhaul.

i did it on my own when i moved back to california from phoenix.

Anonymous said...

Know how cool it'll be to "go visit Aunt Sara in San Francisco?"

I think it's exciting that you are embarking on this new adventure -- marriage, a huge move, a new job...the possibilities are endless.


Marmite Breath said...

You're right--that is someone else's life and you have to live your own. It shows bravery, I think. And the others are right too--visiting their Aunt in San Francisco will be awesome for your nieces. I am somebody's Aunt too, but I don't live anywhere cool :(

shpprgrl said...

Change is hard! Especially alot of it at once. I would be hyperventilating (sp?) too! Getting rid of that car!? Definitely sad! :)