Monday, August 21, 2006


Am back from maine and wish I weren't. Mmmm...lobstah, blueberries, mountains, sleeeeeping. Charleston...get up early, running, work, no lobstah...waaaaah!

Pemetic Mountain

Jemima can find food anywhere.

Sitting on our friends' dock, watching the sun go down.

Waiting for Simons to push me in

Making friends with the locals

Learning new things

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Marcheline said...

Jem! I have a picture of Bear and I sitting on that selfsame rock! (Or at least one that looks just like it.)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE MAINE...(in the summertime).

Ever been to "Little Moose Island" - near Bar Harbor? Can only get there by foot, at low tide.... WAY COOL.

Glad you had fun!

- M