Monday, August 21, 2006

In other news

I resigned from my job.

Just resigned. This very minute. Have an ulcer. Freaked. So official. Boss was nice. Tenth is last day. Oh my God. Poverty. I’m going to die under a bridge in the coolest city ever. Fuck.

Movers. Again. Broken dishes. Stolen silver. Smashed wine glasses. More poverty.

Need a home. Need shelves and storage. No brown carpeting. Bay window. A view. Hardwood floors. Gas stove. Pet friendly. Nearby park.

Goodbye nieces. Goodbye boat. Goodbye Mini. Goodbye friends and family.

Hello job search and writing career and figuring it out finally. Hello being on our own.

Hello San Francisco.

Hello hyperventilation.


Alexandrialeigh said...

Deep breaths, Jem. You will be fine.

And you'll probably have a hell of a lot more funny stories to tell of this entire experience, so at least that's good for the writing.

Anonymous said...

Do you really have to leave the Mini? That's so sad.

Marcheline said...

What? Huh? I'm so confoozled- what's going on?

- M

barbie2be said...

can't wait for you to be on this side of the country! you're gonna love it here!

Anonymous said...

How. Cool. Is. Your. Life. Getting. Ready. To. Be?


Jason said...

That second paragraph would make a great opening to a novel, should you be so inclined...

Charlestongirl said...

Sounds like the adventure of your life as a married woman is about to kick in to overdrive! Have a phenomenal ride! Oh and please to narrate the whole way, thank you.

Nothing But Bonfires said...

We're doing it! Or rather, YOU'RE doing it first and making it less scary for me. Thanks for that!

(I sent you a parcel today. Whether it will EVER reach you from Vietnam remains to be seen.)

Also, look out for an apartment for me too, please. And I don't want brown carpet either.

roo said...

You'll see-- resigning from that job is going to prove to be one of the best decisions you ever made. It'll all work out all right in the end.