Sunday, August 27, 2006

I spy with my little eye

Saturday morning I woke up early, thinking of thank you notes and packing lists and classified ads that I had hadn't done. The dog seemed restless too, so off we walked into the sunrise. Only it wasn't much of a sunrise, because 20 minutes into our walk, the heavens opened (again) and it began to pour. While hurrying through the park, I saw Beulah stop to sniff at what looked like small carcass, and after shrieking at her to "leave it," I had a thought. I don't normally investigate things like that. I am not a roadkill afficianado or anything, but boy am I glad I did, because look what I found.

The poor little guy was in the tiniest ball you can imagine and barely breathing. When I scooped him up, he fit right into the palm of my hand, with his long tail wrapped tight around him. Beulah and I rushed home, and while she scootched her back on the dustcover (no sleep for Simons), I warmed Baby Squirrel on the toaster and called people in the know at an ungodly hour to find some wildlife service who would know what to do.
Thank God for Keepers of the Wild, because they knew just what to do. Baby Squirrel got a hot water bottle and a trip to Pet Vets in Mt Pleasant, who are awesome and take in stranded wild creatures as well as family housepets. They weren't optimistic, since poor Baby Squirrel had pretty bad hypothermia and was awfully small, so let's all say a prayer for the poor little guy.

Who knows, maybe Baby Squirrel would have grown up into the leader of all Squirreldom, and when the evil little rodents of the world take over the world, he would remember and spare me. And Dog.

Back in Realityland, I am cooking for one. It is awfully sad to go grocery shopping for small meals when you're used to making enough for two. Dog is mystified. We went to the beach and I didn't even get to swim, because there was nobody to hold her while I took a turn. Beulah gets very clawey in the water when she's hopped up on tennis balls.

I had the whole couch to myself and it was dreadfully comfortable. I hated it. So much of my life has been spent really enjoying my solitude and now I've forgotten how. The whole day was spent doing unproductive things and wandering from room to room wondering at the cleanliness of it all. It just seemed wrong. Sigh. Simons is just gone for a week, and I'm like an old widow, addled and neurotic. I hope I die first someday, because there will be no tolerating me.

Right now Simons is flying over Colorado, I think, on his way to find a fabulous new job and an apartment. With a gas stove and a dog park. We hope.


Marcheline said...

Hey - great job saving the squirrely! Hope he's doing well.

I know what you mean about "empty nest" feelings... I was a confirmed bachelorette for 33 years, and since I've been married, if Bear has to be away, I tend to wander around staring at the walls, too. Or I dive into housework or something to keep my mind off of it. Weird how you can lose the ability to keep yourself company.

Update us soon on how AS's "new digs with dog park hunt" is going!

- M

Wordnerd said...

Good luck with the squirrel baby -- how adorable is that?