Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I have only myself to blame

God, I'm hangy. It's only criminal to waste GOOD champagne, not the cheap stuff. Oof.

Here's what I made for dinner last night for two former bridesmaids and a groomsman:

Lima bean, garlic and lemon puree with crackers
Assortment of very good cheese (brought by friends)
Artichoke leaves with butter

Lemon risotto with asparagus and artichoke hearts
Broiled salmon with thyme

Vanilla ice cream with fresh blackberry compote

....soooo much much...pleasure...brain overload...can’t stand it...(shiver, shiver)...POW! (sounds of head exploding and coworkers screaming)

One of the hazards of drinking and cooking occurred after I'd walked Beulah and Amanda home. After malingering on the couch talking to Simons in San Francisco and flipping through midnight TV shows, I got up and decided that MAYBE I'd do a spot of cleaning before bed. And the very last thing I put away was the blackberry compote, which I was amazed to find was still hot. Perhaps that was because it had been COOKING for well over an hour. God bless All Clad, because the blackened, wizened, crusty berries all came out after an overnight soak. I'm lucky I didn't burn the whole house down.

Anyway, it's another party to add to my entertaining journal, which makes me happy in a 1940s socialite kind of way.


Marcheline said...

That's it exactly! The 1940's socialite feeling.... don't you just LOVE that? I do. It's rare that I get to experience it, but when it happens... it's ALL REET!

- M

P.S. I wanna eat at your house!

Wordnerd said...

Non-cooks can say what they will, but there is nothing like being able to throw together a dinner party for friends. Sounds like yours was simply smashing -- good luck hanging today.

barbie2be said...

sounds like a perfect evening! well, except for the salmon part... i don't eat salmon. but everything else sounded amazing. :)

Kelly Love said...

I would love to have that lima bean recipe - it sounds yummy!

Variant E said...

I ran across your blog just by sheer randomness. Had to post after reading your blog description because, well, I was also born on the cusp between Cancer and Leo. Checked the archives and sure enough, we have the same Birthday, July 22. My favorite day of the year because though I live in the land of perpetual rain, it has never rained on my birthday. Ok, now back to your regularly scheduled life....