Thursday, July 27, 2006


This is my dog...Buckethead. It is a testament to how much she loves us that she actually allows us to jam this thing on her head every day and abandon her to blunder into furniture and ricochet off of the walls while we blithely go about our daily lives. This poor animal has worse allergies than even I, and the constant sounds of her gnawing and chewing and scratching and disgusting and overzealous personal hygiene have driven us to this point. Cortisone and Benadryl and Timiril and shampoos and very expensive dog food...none of these things help. The dog is allergic to the WORLD. So now, she cannot scratch or claw at her ears or chew on her paws. This seems cruel, but she seems so much less exhausted and anxious when she spends the day not scratching herself silly. Her skin isn’t covered in hickeys and chew marks, and perhaps someday her fur will grow back and she will cease to look like a mange-ridden cur. And Simons and I, well, we are enjoying having breakfast without shrieking, “Goddammit, Beulah, quit gnawing your ass!”


Alexandrialeigh said...

Oh, Murphy had to wear one of those after his cancer-removal surgery. Poor baby!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I thought we were the only ones with the insanely allergic dog (a 5 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel). We have spent literally thousands of dollars on allergy tests, treatments, food, etc ... and the poor baby will still rip his face open if we don't stick him in some type of headgear from approx May - September. I did find this thing online last year that we call the "life preserver" - that's exactly what it looks like, and we leave him in that instead of the plastic cone because he can drink and eat in it. I wish I remembered where I got it, but try googling "alternatives to elizabethan collar" or something - I think that's how I located it.

PS - If she reaches a fever pitch, take her to the vet for a steroid shot. It will buy at least 2 weeks of peace, but you can't do it all that often.

Jrs said...

I came over from Nothing But Bonfires awhile ago, and I'm delurking to say: OH MY GOD. I thought I was the only one with a hyper-allergic pet. My cat gnaws on his arms and tail all day long, despite low-allergen prescription food and kitty xanax twice a day. When it gets really bad, he is also bald on both his sides from all the licking. If cats get leprosy, they would look like him in the summer.

In fact, we're going to the vet tonight for another predisone shot. Fun! Cheap! Or not.

What a good doggy you have, though. He's a prince for allowing you to put that on him every day. Somehow, I think if I tried that on my allergic kitty I'd be coming home to a pile of poop on the rug more often than I already do.

Anonymous said...

Poor baby! But good for you for getting the 'bucket'!

Marcheline said...

I, too, have a pet with allergies. I have been taking little Jinx (kitty) to the vet every three months or so to get her steroid shots - at $50 a pop. I refuse to do the thousand dollar allergy tests because, well, I haven't GOT a thousand dollars, and it doesn't help anyway.

Lately the allergies seem to (knock wood) be less severe than they used to be...

I wonder what we're doing to our environment that is causing so many of our four legged friends to suffer this way.

Is it some crap in the pet food? Is it airborne pollution? I don't ever remember having an animal with allergies (had pets my whole life) and now here are bunches of people commenting on your blog with the same complaint.

What gives, I wonder?

Jemima said...

Well, Beulah is now on trout and sweet potato kibble, which costs a pretty penny, so i know it's not cheap food. In her case, it's poor breeding. My parents should never have bred their sweet Boykin, who is allergic to air. Her "husband" is equally allergic and has subsisted on kangaroo kibble (I shit you not) and apples for the past ten years. The next Boykin Spaniel I get will be certified allergy free.

Oh, and the cortisone shot didn't work for even five minutes. Benadryl helped some, but not much. Timiril and the bucket is all we've got left.