Thursday, April 06, 2006


What a day. I’ve been so stressed out, I want to crawl under my desk. A.S.’ whole oral defense was really awful. Maybe they’re all like that, but somehow I think it did not go in his favor. He sort of forgot to demonstrate the model or to walk them through the whole interactive experience, which were the really cool elements...the part that made you say, “Ohhh! I get it!” So all they got was the theory, and never the sweet electronic “triggers” he had set up around the room. And the jury kept saying, “We’re missing something. What’s the point? How does it work?” And I wanted to leap up and say, “Look over HERE, people! Look at this cool steppy thing! Look at this door trigger! Here! This is awesome!” but instead A.S. kept getting defensive and wasn’t absorbing their questions properly.

It’s so awful to see someone you love do something really badly, and you know it’s just their thing to do, and you can’t interfere. I guess I’ll have to go the route that the jury is made up of all stupid ass holes and his project is wonderful (that’s only half a lie, because the project really was good...his presentation was just really bad).

God, he just called now and said he thought he answered their questions okay and that it was an overall good review. Shit. I don’t think he has any clue how it looked from the outside. GAH! Okay, maybe it will all end up okay somehow. Or does this mean he’s going to be completely surprised tomorrow when they tell him he has to re-present?

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