Sunday, April 02, 2006

Orange (Juice) Colored Afternoon

Ah, what a splendid day. I've been lying out in the yard with the Sexy Attorney all afternoon, getting brown and drinking pitchers of mimosas delivered by our house cabana, our bartender neighbor, Vince. It's amazing how rosy the world looks and how easily the thank you notes flow after a gallon or so of champagne and sunshine. I am chock full of Vitamin D.

Also met Theresa and Jill for a drink at the Rooftop Bar on Vendue, which used to be so posh and is now kind of fratty ick. Fortunately, I took so long recovering enough to go out with them, that they were about ready to leave by the time I got there. Sabu and Vince and Amanda had lamb kebabs and coleslaw and such, oh and rum and lime drinks, waiting on me when I got home. Excellent!

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Marcheline said...

You are having SO much more fun than I am right now, it's not EVEN funny. Sigh.