Thursday, April 13, 2006


Good Things That Happened To Me Today
1. The dog will probably graduate from Dog School. We plan to hang her certificate next to A.S.'s Masters.
2. I found a $100 check from Skirt! magazine the other day that I had lost, and the super cool editor agreed to write me a new one.
3. My new house will have electricity. SCE&G said so.
4. I signed up to be a TNT mentor, so I get to help other people do what I did last fall.
5. I signed up for the Chicago Marathon. Hopefully it will be a good distraction.

Bad Things That Will Happen Tomorrow
1. I have to leave the house at dawn to get to Columbia by 9:00.
2. I will probably bounce a check.
3. The dog will take over the universe and I will catch hell for not feeding her table scraps.

Things That Suck About This Weekend
1. I have to move. And in case you were wondering why that is are two views from my porch. They're old, but not much changes round these parts 'cept the dogs.

2. I have to drive 90 minutes and go to my sister's hillbilly church for two hundred years on Sunday.
4. I have to call burly men to carry my heavy furniture down three flights of stairs and pay them $250.
5. I don't have $250.


Marcheline said...

That's all fine, but I'm still trying to figure out why you called me a whore and accused me of sleeping with my "ice skating boss".

My boss is a woman, and she's around 360lbs. I don't think they make ice skates in double extra wide, and if they did, I STILL wouldn't sleep with her. Especially since she's married to my father.

Can't wait to hear what you meant by that...

With bated breath,


barbie2be said...

can't you just take that view with you? :)

Jemima said...

Didn't you post about having a boss who ice skated? No? Maybe that was early Dooce. My mind's a little off today. But I just snorted thinking about your 360 lb boss with double extra wide skates. And I think I also might have been feeling a little slap happy after no sleep and too much coffee. MWAHAHAHA

Anonymous said...

Moving? Wha? Huh? 'Splain!


Marcheline said...

Egad, I wish I had some of whatever it is you're on these days.... no, on second thought, it might make me say "MWAHAHAHA". A lot.


nikki said...

love your blog! (found it on that Lowcountry blogger site).