Saturday, April 01, 2006

Full Day

My dad and sister and niece and I took the boat across the harbor and moored in Shem Creek right next to the start of the Cooper River Bridge Run. You just can't fathom the crowd...50,000 runners and walkers. Bean promptly fell asleep the second we put her in the stroller. There's something about boat rides that hypnotize her instantly and she can't keep her eyes open. Daddy walks super fast, so Melissa and I pawned the stroller off on him, so he could cut a swathe and we could keep up with him. You should see that man go. He was like a blaze of white nurse stocking legs and jogging stroller, mowing down fat ladies left and right. “Move it! Move it!”

After that, I had to scramble to get ready for my second shower...a kitchen one. My friends Helen and Suzy (Floozy) threw it for me along with their mothers, and it was really very fun. Holly was there too, although I'm really not sure she was prepared for the old fashion-ness of it all. She got me the cutest ever pink mixing bowl and heart-shaped measurers and kitchen towels. I'll have to make A.S. breakfast in bed, measuring with my heart shaped cups and pouring batter from my pink bowl into my heart shaped waffle iron (that's old). And no, I don't own anything else that's heart shaped.

My friend Lese, who is an artist and fantastic gallery owner, painted me the most darling little oil painting of a red, ripe tomato. So now I have a Lese Corrigan original! And A.S.'s mother gave us a slow cooker, which weighs about 45 lbs. I can barbecue naughty children in that thing. So I have a lot of thank you notes to write, plus a few extra for wedding presents that have already come. Oh God, it's all becoming so real. Just in case you weren't aware of my sudden moments of panic, Holly obnoxiously posted this stuttering email that I sent her last week, during one of my moments of hair-raising reality.

After everyone left, Helen threw a second birthday party for her daughter (my godchild), Eva. She got bubble everything, and spent the rest of the evening hopped up on icing and blowing bubbles with her new bubble wand. Afterwards, I raced home and got changed for an engagement cocktail party for two of my friends who are also getting married, one of whom is A.S.'s groomsmen. I ended up talking to this couple who is from South Africa, and it made me miss it so much. I'd absolutely love to take A.S. there one day. Maybe my parents will get mega generous and take us during their next trip (ha! Soooo Doubtful!). But I'd love to show him Table Mountain and go trekking in Krueger Park and take him to see all those amazing animals. I think he'd freak out.


Nothing But Bonfires said...

I was so prepared! I wore my Stepford Wife outfit!

Also, I beg to differ on "obnoxiously" -- I emailed you first and asked for permission to print it!

Jemima said...

Well, you would choose to post one where I am clearly hysterical, with treble exclamation points and all caps scattered throughout. Harumph.