Friday, April 14, 2006

friday thoughts

This is the first day in a year and a half that I've gone without talking to A.S. Wierd. It's bothering me less than I thought it would, but then I'm also extremely busy PACKING! I haven't had to do this in a long time, and I wonder if I'm supposed to be dusting/de-hairing stuff BEFORE I pack it or AFTER I move it and am putting it away. I've got to get all the clutter out before book club on Monday, although since I forgot to send a reminder, I wonder if anyone is coming anyway. But back to A.S., I have to admit it's probably better that I'm packing the small stuff myself, because he might have driven me a little crazy had he been here, asking me what went where and did I really need all those copies of Chaucer.

But I have at least five Mini loads to take over to the new house tomorrow. I might be able to do a few more too, if I decide to pack my winter clothes. Only, with doing that comes Good Will purging, and I'll have to take the old cell phones and plates and juicer and fondue set and glasses, etc to the women's shelter, and I'll be damned if I can ever remember where it is.

My parents' dog is lying halfway across my lap at the moment, in the bed, much to Beulah's chagrin. Beulah's not allowed up here and is giving me doleful looks from the floor. Tough. Belle has never taken a snap at me before. I'm surprised the poor things is even speaking to me, since I completely forgot I was supposed to be taking care of her this weekend. Mom and Daddy left Friday at noon, having failed to make any arrangements for her at all. They called me on the way out of town and said to go fetch her after work. Well...I meant to. I even went over there to get her out of the backyard after work to go on a walk, but then she wasn't in the yard and I hadn't brought my key. And after my walk, I'd totally forgotten all about her...until seven o'clock the next morning. Poor little brown dog, she was very glad to see me.


Mabel said...

Good luck in the move! It's always so daunting, but oh so worth it in the end!

Meg said...

I've got a dreadful little move coming up... I wish you such good luck on yours!