Friday, March 24, 2006

More upbeat blog

The Dog and I are off to Savannah tomorrow to see Miss Nobody, whom I have missed tremendously since she moved down the river. The plan is to paint her house, but I suspect there will be some significant imbibing as well. I can't wait!

Although I am swearing here, in front of God and everyone, not to diluge her with wedding crap, I am bringing all my planning files for her to pick through. So if she blogs about my being a wedding nazi on Sunday after I leave, you can all hold me accountable and make me undergo the garter ceremony as penance. I think mostly we will admire our dogs and pick dog hair out of our wine glasses and hug the dogs. Because she has never met Osama bin Doggen, and I have a secret crush on her dog, Murphy. Hopefully Beulah will be on her best behavior and hide her terrorist tendencies. Or else (sinister music).

Speaking of sinister...why Why WHY do southerner insist on open casket funerals? I feel so guilty bypassing the part of the line that files past the body, but is that EVER how you want to remember someone? I think not.

My dad says when he dies, he wants to be cremated and tossed in the campfire ring at his island, so people can point to it and say, "Look, that's Ben's ash hole."

Mom never seems so amused when he tells that joke. I guess it's hard to go and put flowers in someone's ash hole.


Marcheline said...

Oh, no! *laughing* That is SO funny...

My dad (who is the world's wackiest jokester) told my mother that if he died first, he wanted her to make sure she put one of those joke glasses with the big nose on him in the casket.

She (being a classical perfectionist Virgo) stomped her foot and said "absolutely not".

Dad smiled and said, "Well, okay - but if you don't promise... and YOU die first, I'm putting them on YOU."

Needless to say, she promised.

I wonder how that will work out now, since they're both remarried to other people?

Maybe I'll just have to carry a pair in my pocket just in case...

Alexandrialeigh said...

Secret crush, my foot! You and Murphy have had a not-so-secret relationship for years now.

I'm sure the minute you walk in the door, he'll forget all about me.

Wordnerd said...

I'm in the South, and I have put my foot down about an open casket. What IS up with that, anyway?

Glad to hear I'm not the only one that bypasses the um, receiving line.