Friday, March 03, 2006


Hooray! My new orders for Moleskines has arrived! I ordered two for A.S. and one for me, and I love mine so much, I’m scared to write anything in it. Since about 1994, I’ve kept a little book where I make lists, keep track of everything I want to do before I die, write down interesting names or poems I’d like to memorize.

It has text messages I received from my boyfriend in South Africa. It has books I keep meaning to read. It has good websites on home decorating. It has Christmas card lists and present ideas. It has metaphors I want to use later. It has my BMI. Writing sites. Weird trivia. Conversion tables for Centigrade ovens. The four column psychological test for about 15 different friends. Useful phrases in Afrikaans. Hardest interview questions. Future CD playlists. Peach cobbler recipes. Self help excerpts. Really really really weird dreams. Packing lists for trips to North Carolina, Italy, France, San Francisco, Mpumalanga, my sister’s house. Pitch ideas that I never sent. Menus for Valentine’s Day dinner parties. New Year’s Resolutions. A.S.’s address in Italy. Bridesmaid dress styles. And my favorite...a To Do list that includes, “Make New Years Resolutions.” When you have to make a list to make another list, you know you’re neurotic.

But goodbye little book. Hello fancy new smellumy Moleskine.

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Marcheline said...

I'm not sure where the "e" at the end of moleskin comes in, but...

Hagrid, the gamekeeper at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in the Harry Potter books, has a moleskin overcoat which gets mentioned quite a few times...

I'm assuming this notebook has a moleskin cover?

- M