Monday, March 27, 2006

Consider the Stars

Man, I feel TERRIBLE today. It's a mixture of horrible allergies and too much wine last night. Margaret (the friend whose father died) and I drank a few beers and moved a giant log into the middle of a sluiceway in order to build up a big bank and get more water to some pitcher plants in the bog. And then we went exploring and sat on a log in the middle of the swamp for a few hours till it got dark, watching the stars come out one by one and finding our way to the bottom of a bottle of wine (very good wine, no glasses).

Then we trespassed on the plantation her father managed and where she grew up (the trust was sold about three years ago, and the new owners won't her family on it) and walked the old trails for miles and miles under the stars. It was very surreal. A lot of it's been clearcut, so we would come upon these old childhood landmarks that were out of context, like oak trees and rice trunks and causeways. We saw an old dike that when we were little had an irrigation system that had been build 150 years ago from the hands of slaves. Since then, it's been replaced with a mechanical system and widened with tractors. I guess the only certain thing is change.

We were pretty FU'ed when we started, but at least the six miles of walking sobered me up for the drive home from Monck's Corner. The cool thing about being with Margaret, is that through the branches of a big cypress knee, I saw the first star appear in the heavens. And I pointed it out to her too, but neither of us had anything to wish for. Just sitting there with was enough for both of us.

Beulah was so coated in dirt and swamp slime, I had to give her a bath at midnight, so the poor dog spent a very cold and tired night. She had a complete ball though.

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Marcheline said...

You mentioned an old dike - what was her name?

Sorry, couldn't help myself there...