Thursday, February 09, 2006


Gorss. I just sneezed oatmeal everywhere. Ugh. Shitty run, no sleeep, sore from yoga last night (massive butt cramp in the middle of extensive leg up in the air thingy pose). And was up very late doing effing loists with my mother for the THIRD (ow, too much emotion) night in a row. I have to make certain not to invite divorced people to the same parties as their exes, and make sure brides don't get invited to parties right before their own weddings, and that hostesses of parties don't get invited to showers, but definitely to at least two cocktail parties. Crhist. I imagine A.S.' night wasn't much better, since he had the laser cutterr reserved at 3 a.m., since with a model due tomorrow, everyone had scheduled it before him. Poor boy.

I. Want. To. Go. Back. To Bed.

All. Day.

So. Tired.

And it's only 7:45.



Marcheline said...

There's an uncanny similarity between the way one posts when one is tired, and the way one posts when one is drunk. (See typos for proof)

Heh! Poor you - I would feel exactly like you do today, IF I had gotten up at 4:30 to go to the gym like I SHOULD HAVE BUT DIDN'T. (Ouch, lack of exercise)

- M

jes said...

What is a loist?

And, I say who cares about the "rules?" I did the same thing with my showers, parties, etc., when I got married. in the end, i regretted that some people who wanted to come weren't invited because of etiquette rules. i'd just a put a note on their invite that since they've been invited to other showers, etc., that you do not expect a gift from them - just their company.

how's that for unsolicited advice? ;)

Nothing But Bonfires said...

"Loists" sound like leg-lifts or something -- I think it's the combination of lift and hoist that does it. Anyway, even though I figured you probably meant "lists," I still had a mental picture of you and your mom lying on your sides, exercising in your living room and urging each other to just do one more effing loist.

Marcheline said...

HAH! That's exactly what I was thinking!

One, and two, and... LOIST! Ugh.

- M