Thursday, January 12, 2006


Does South Beach get better? Because running without carbs is wearing me the fuck out. And the yoga class I went to last night was like a class field trip to Medieval Torture Land. "Come enjoy 90 minutes of ass spasms and pulled muscles. Don't forget to breathe!"

After a brisk shower and an attempted disco nap, I had to take my depressed godmother to the movies. Narnia started at 10:00, which means we got home at 1:00 this morning. It was a fantastic movie, and Lucy was so cute I wanted to eat her adorable little head. Then up again at 5:30 to meet Theresa and Alexis. Never even got to speak to A.S. yesterday, since I didn't want to call him so late/early. God, I feel hideous today, plus crampy.

At least while working from home yesterday, I got an interview done for a freelance assignment, 27 phone calls made for my dad's book, a chicken roasted, plus all my regular work done for my real job. Nice. Don't you just love working from home?

Anyway, I'm about to be late for work. Tata


Marcheline said...

Too bad you don't have anything to do - you're so sedentary, so unmotivated.

Biotch. (hee hee)

- M

Nothing But Bonfires said...

You're not supposed to do much exercise in Phase 1. Also, you ARE supposed to be eating carbs, just not the bread/rice/pasta kind for the first two weeks. Try beans -- any kind. Make some chili. Or hummus. Also, the tired feeling should pass after about day 3 of Phase 1, then you'll feel wonderful and energetic and not hungry for snacks. Providing you're doing it right.

Whoa, when did I become the South Beach Queen?

CharlestonGirl said...

Nothing But Bonfires has the right idea. Be careful running until you have been at it a day or two. Are you taking any supplements? You mentioned being crampy...if that is from not having enough water/potassium pay attention to the signs! If it is menstrual make sure you are taking enough protein in. And don't forget the beans! :) Good Luck! Now why can't I do that...I can tell others what to do, but not my lazy butt! LOL

Alexandrialeigh said...

I can't believe you liked that movie.

I thought it was AWFUL.

And on the other seriously need to diet? I believe it not.