Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Sunshiny Day

I am to be congratulated. This evening at supper, I learned that I am once again to be...

...AN AUNT! Hurray! My sister is pregnant with baby number two!

Another baby we can fool into thinking that I am her and she is me...always such fun when they're small. Bean was the cutest little tyke you've ever seen, all smiley and happy. I hope this one is as sweet. Of course, if A.S. and I move off, then I suppose I won't be as close to it as I am to the Beaner. Hmph, well, we'll see. We won't move away for all that long.

The funny thing is that my sister, who is my maid of honor (she says the word "matron" makes her feel fat), is going to be as big as a ship for my wedding. I keep making cracks about white spandex bridesmaids dresses, with big red targets over the belly. Heheh. But I missed her being "big pregnant" last time, because I was in South Africa when Bean was born. Of course, she never got that big because Bean was also a month early, a nice reasonable 4 lbs 8 oz. And since she was perfectly healthy and a quick and easy delivery, that sounded a whole lot better than one of those 8 lb heifer babies. No. Thank. You. She's now tall for her age and brilliant and hilarious, so I am all for small babies. Plus they look so funny when you take pictures of them in a salad bowl.

So A.S. and I are both expectant aunts and uncles. His is due in April though, so his sister-in-law is much further ahead. What fun to have so many chirren running around...that aren't mine.


Nothing But Bonfires said...

Doesn't this make the total number of Knocked Up Bridesmaids a staggering TWO? Maybe you should just get the bridesmaid's dresses at Target. You know, from that Liz Lange maternity line. And if CVS keeps putting those Cadburys Mini Eggs on sale for 50 cents a packet, and making it so easy to wash them down with Baileys, a maternity bridesmaid's dress will be the only thing that'll fit me too.

Anonymous said...

Congrats, S!