Thursday, January 26, 2006


I like sake hot
I like sake cold
I like sake in the pot...

Just had the most delicious sake at Basil. Lots and lots of it. And basil rolls and hot and sour shrimp soup with rice, which is not on South Beach. But neither was the cheesecake I ate for lunch. The brownie I had for my healthy midmorning snack. Or the Krispy Kreme donut I had for breakfast dessert. Dr. Whatshisname would be rolling around screaming if he knew.

God, what a long day. Since I am now working directly under the CEO, I had to come up with a Q1 PR Strategy overnight. WHEEEEEE! My favorite thing...strategizing! Anyway, it went well. He was pleased. He wanted more strategy, so I have to revise it and have it by 9 a.m. Monday. So while the rest of you smug bastards booze and hobnob all weekend, I will be poring over submission guidelines for 30 different publications and writing targeting letters for all. WHOOPEDY DOO!

So I was debating whether or not to go to a delicious party at my friend Holly's tomorrow night, she of the pink KitchenAid and Porncake. I also had a request to babysit, and I need the money. And an art showing at the Corregan Gallery. And Sun Volt is playing at the Farm. But I think I will do none of these things and instead drive three and a half hours to Clemson, land of no beer or wine sales on Sundays, in order to do very little with my fiance. It will be so nice to make pancakes and drink coffee and laze about at the breakfast table with his feet on top of my feet, and I'm so excited to see him, it makes my stomach kind of squiggly. I suppose that's a good thing after three years of dating and 20 years of friendship. And I'm planning to get some personal writing done, which will be fairly wholesome and satisfying. So, I'm very sorry, to all of the cool people who will probably never invite me to their parties or their art shows ever again...I'm going to be lousy and boring and June Cleaverish.

Of course, come February, the insanity starts. I feel I should enjoy a moment of tranquility.

Speaking of moments...I found out today that Wilco is coming to Charleston! Granted it's at the shittiest venue ever, but I'm going. I'm getting wrecked on something beforehand, but I'm going! Sweet Baby Moses! Who'd have thought?

Also, I'd totally forgotten about this site, and had a long interlude of hissing and shaking and snorting and cackling followed by weeping and howling. Damn that's funny:


Nothing But Bonfires said...

Take me with you! (To Wilco, not to see AS and add my feet to the pile of feet on the breakfast table.) You're right -- it's the crappy venue where we saw Ryan Adams and were embarassed for him because it was only half full. But still!

Marcheline said...

OH HELL YES - candyboots is freakishly funny stuff! Thanks for dredging it up again, I'd forgotten about it too.


- M

Marcheline said...

Forgot to ask you again... it's been bothering me....

What the hell is edamame?

- M

Jemima said...

Edamame is soybeans...all steamed and salted.