Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Orange Chickens

So i've lifted weights three times in the past week, and the arm wattles don't appear any smaller. Apparently I could still give Batman a run for his money. What gives? By now I expect to have high water booty, Jennifer Garner arms and Esther Cañadas' cheekbones. I want answers!

I had a grand run through the fog with Theresa this morning. It was kind of Poe-esque, spooky...definitely one of those mornings I'm glad I have people to run with me. Apparently she's breaking the classic work-date rule: "Don't shit where you eat." I sure hope it doesn't come back to bite her in the ass. The guy sounds alright, i guess. Although he's never seen Goonies. I thought EVERYONE had seen Goonies.

Speaking of relationships, A.S. and I met up in Charlotte this weekend to visit our friends Helen and Brian, and to help Helen move my godchild into her new Big Girl Room. They have a second edition on the way, so i volunteered to come up and be helpful. Why do I always forget how much painting sucks? I told her other godmother today that it's her turn to be the saintly godparent and have shards of wood driven deep under her fingernails or something, so we make out equally in the suffering capacity. What a total pain in the ass. A.S. was downstairs working on his school project, and her husband, Brian, sat on his ass watching tennis...I wasn't feeling charitably inclined towards either one of them. Every so often, they'd come upstairs to check our progress, but my stink eye generally drove them off quickly. Either pick up a brush and help or go away, but standing there all bored eating OUR Doritos is not allowed! Worthless dogs! But the room looked so lovely, all fresh and buttery yellow. It had been a doo doo brown storage room before, so buttery yellow was a massive improvement. Made it look lots bigger too.

As a wedding update, I have chosen bridesmaids dresses, guaranteed to satisfy no one, but at least it's over with. I had no idea how traumatic that whole process was. They are quite attractive though...pale gold dupioni silk two pieces, with a straight bodice and spaghetti straps on top, and an A-line skirt to the floor on the bottom. One bridesmaid is already threatening to dye her hair red, which I guess is her way of saying she hates the fabric color because it washes her out. I suppose I could add vibrance to her particular gown by sewing on some yellow sequins and pink ruffles...Hear that, Amanda! That was a threat!

Also, poor A.S. ventured out several weeks ago to look at china and crystal...alone. Apparently the sales persons all looked at him like he was a complete pervert and asked what the hell he was doing in there. But I had asked him if he would find out how this whole registry thing worked, and damned if he didn't make a valiant effort. He's a good man. Anyway, I walked into Brittain's today with Mom to see what he had picked out, and they laughed and made fun and said, "Can you believe he picked out THIS?"

And I'm like, "Great. I'll take it."

So A.S. and I are going to have the Chicken China. This pleases us.

We were also partial to this, but it's so damned expensive, you have to request the price...like REAL ESTATE! But aren't they gorgeous?


Marcheline said...

Actually, I'm partial to Royal Doulton with handpainted perriwinkles. (You'd have to watch BBC's "Keeping Up Appearances" to appreciate that jokey. Do you?)

- M

Lissa said...

He hasn't seen goonies? ?That girl needs to dump him! Anyway lovely china, and any price that has to be "requested" well I don't know if I could buy it for fear I might dirty it by eating off of it.