Monday, January 30, 2006

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

It's 10:34 and I'm making lasagna. From scratch, because I'm too poor to go out and buy anything ready-made. Effing poverty, and my effing big mouth have gotten me into trouble ONCE AGAIN! My friend Angi, who did a lot of running with me this past summer during our marathon training...well her husband fell off of a ladder and broke his leg in about six places. See, you don't even know him and you feel bad, right? Well, to tell you the truth, I don't know him either, so I feel mostly bad for Angi.

A.S. was so nice to me when I hurt my foot, even when I was whiny and didn't deserve it. He would make me coffee every morning, and he had to WALK OVER TO MY HOUSE to brew it, since we were not cohabitating while my mom could come bounding into the door at any moment. He had to drive me to work some mornings. Listen to me cry and swear and apologize and then start all over again. He even had the generosity of spirit to rock my brick house while my foot was elevated with a vacuum attached to it that sounded like an old man on the potty.

Now, that's hot, and don't tell me it ain't.

So anyway, Angi's poor husband has it way worse than I did, with pins and screws and a nasty looking brace. And Angi's got to be feeling a little stressed out too, with a cranky husband and bills and no one to be nice to her. Just like A.S. So I feel like I owe the karmic community a lasagna.

Only I don't have hamburger meat, I have venison. You think anyone will notice? Is it wrong to give someone a lasagna made from a deer instead of a cow?

Surely some early Italian hunter gatherer once came home with a big caribou or something for his teeny Italian hairy grandmother to make prehistoric lasagna.

Man is there the biggest winter lightning storm starting outside right now. I can just hear the beginnings of rain on the tin roof and the pigeons moving restlessly outside my kitchen wall in their cozy little alcove (They also coo whenever I preheat the oven, I don't know why.). The thunder is so loud and long, it is rolling back and forth across the sky. Not a bad time to be cooking and blogging, all in all.

Not that i wouldn't MUCH rather be snug in my bed reading after the extremely grueling yoga class this evening. The instructor kept saying, "If it hurts, smile, but not in pain...give your pain up for your mothers, your first teachers," and other such nonsense.

Oh my. The rain just started, and I swear something just got electrocuted. Thank goodness I'm wireless so I can't get shocked through my PowerBook. I saw the blue flash and heard something buzz outside. WOW! A big purple flash just silhouetted the pecan tree outside my window (I'm on the third, really the fourth floor) so the view is absolutely spectacular. So dramatic. Another flash and another. Dozens of them. I just love thunder storms.

I've gone and pulled out my camping lantern and my headlamp so i can keep cooking if the power fails. Excellent. It will complete my vision of prehistoric pasta baking.


Marcheline said...

Do a name check on this post - you may want to delete something.

Jemima said...

I really must stop late night blogging, since this is the second time I've done that. Thanks, M!