Sunday, January 15, 2006


I have found it! THE DRESS! Oh, it's so pretty. I don't know if I can wait til April when it gets here. And by "here," I mean Augusta, GA. Mom and I had planned a weekend of dress hunting in Augusta (where my sister bought hers) and Atlanta. And I had psyched myself up for a lot of drive time with Mom, who I love, but, um, don't always get along with. We went to stay with my sister on Friday and then left in the morning for the first of four shops. I'd expected it to take awhile, since I tried on about everything in Copper Penny, and liked a couple of them, but hadn't gone wild over any one of them.

And, ladies and gentlemen, it was the second dress I tried on. I put it on, and everyone just got goosebumps. I'd heard that you just "know," but damn... All the ladies in the shop, the mamas and the brides, they all said, "OH! That one is perfect for you!"

It is gorgeous and perfect and amazingly elegant--here is the description: "French blue taffeta sash accents this Duchess satin strapless gown with fitted bodice. Full A-line skirt flows into a chapel train from the knotted sash which extends down the back." It also has buttons all the way to the floor, which was a must for me. We had to request that specially.

There was another bride about my age, also tall and brunette, and she was trying on several dresses, and she came out in the incredible dress, totally different than mine, but was so perfect for her too. All rouched satin and lace and feminine, and we all just "knew" and everyone ooh and ahhed. And then this poor little 20-year-old bride came in and tried on some trendy mermaid dress that absolutely wore her rather than the other way around...and nobody said anything. It was kind of sad. Maybe you don't know enoough about what's beautiful and what's beautiful on YOU when you're that young. That also made me think about how glad I am not to be 21 anymore. I could convince myself that I was in love with anyone back then, no matter how awful. My own happiness always depended on someone else's. How dreadful to be young and in love!

Twenty-six was a fun year. Maybe I'd go back to that. I can't even remember sad is that? Hmmm, that might be the year my dad started calling me his Spinster Daughter (he's such a riot), so no wonder I blocked it out. Twenty-seven was the year I spent in Africa, which was amazing. And then when I came home, I "met" A.S.. Well, I've known him since we were 9 or so, but we didn't start dating until I came home from Africa and he had moved back from San Francisco. So 27 was a very good year. Maybe I'd redo that one.

Last year, I definitely don't think I'd redo. A.S. and I started the year on a scary shaky ground, my having broken up with him in Italy, for many very good reasons, all of which have since been remedied. And I half cut off my foot surfing. And I started doing PR, which kind of sucks, and I miss writing and actually enjoying it. Press releases do not count, trust me. On the other hand, I met some very good friends, ran a marathon, quit smoking, published a few freelance articles I am proud of and got engaged to a wonderful man who loves me despite my Frankenfoot. And now I'm going to marry him in the most beautiful dress ever.

And I comfort myself that even though it was expensive, it costs less than the palatial portojohnny.


Nothing But Bonfires said...

Wow, you totally outed AS by putting his name. Be careful --- wouldn't want him to take the ring back!

Jemima said...

God, you're right. I must be more tired that I thought!

Marcheline said...


(Full-tilt vicarious wedding planning excitement in progress!)

- M

Nothing But Bonfires said...

Wait, where is the palatial portajohnny going? I'm nervous. At the church? They don't have toilets in churches? At the reception site? They don't have toilets at plantations?