Monday, January 09, 2006

ah me

I just drank my first ever decaf. My eccentric godmother asked me for coffee at 8:00 at night, and I told her that I would meet her but couldn't drink anything or I'd be up all night. She said, "I take it you don't drink decaf?"

It just never occurred to me. Decaf?

Work was such a delight today, and I think I accomplished nothing. Isn't it supposed to be a given that if you agree to do a press release, you also inherently to agree to talk to the press if they call? Apparently now. Plus one of my favorite coworkers turned in her notice, which was not exactly a surprise...I think every member of our team contemplates it at least twice a day. But I'm sad she's leaving. She has such a funny sense of humor, even if she does do weird things like Bonko and beading.

I also had the most flattering court appearance ever today. It was just a warning, which, for a girl is kind of flattering anyway, I was pretty dressed up when I got pulled, but really, I think the cop was just feeling sorry for me. It startled me so badly to be pulled over (you'd think I'd be used to it by now) that I was shaking like a leaf. Anyway, when they called my name in the courtroom, I went up to the front to show them the proof of insurance and ownership that I didn't have at the time I got the warning, and the judge asked me if I were Jemima..."the writer who has a column and writes in Skirt and Charleston Magazine. I loved your stories about traveling and South Africa..." I went absolutely crimson, but was so secretly pleased. How sweet is it for a judge to announce that she likes your writing while you're standing before her practically as a criminal! WOW!

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