Thursday, December 01, 2005

Saddlebags and Eyebags

So my eccentric godmother says to me tonight, "You look tired." Considering I was taking her to Harry Potter, you think she could have reserved judgement until I'd finished signing the credit slip. Harumph.

Well, I am tired. I've been staying up late reading (Five Quarters of the Orange, which was fabulous.) and getting up early to go running. And sneezing. Let's not forget the sneezing.

At least I've been using my fancy gym membership, rather than just pouring the money down the drain...along with the delicious Aveda products they have in the showers. Ooh, I finally used one of the gym showers tonight. And because my mother would be so paranoid, yes, I wore freaking flip flops. She's made me so petrified of public bathrooms, I couldn't sit on a public toilet and actually accomplish anything for a million dollars. It can be quite crippling really. But I actually left the gym smelling like a rose today, with freshly blow dried hair and newly applied makeup. God, I'm such a starlet. However, my paunch remains undiminished, dammitohell.

Architecture Student apologized for being a turd on the phone last night. AND he's going to meet me in the mountains, so I only have to drive 4.5 hours instead of 6. At least I have downloaded more books to burn on CD, so i'll have something to keep me occupied. And it's Don Quixote, so I think I actually have about a month's worth of listening...the narrator better be stellar.


Nothing But Bonfires said...

Yeah, I would've gone with a nice Thomas Carlyle myself....

And fuck, I've just seen from the date on your post that today is the first day of DECEMBER??? For real? I could've sworn we were still in October.

Marcheline said...

To comfort you: Your mother was right. My mother was right. Horrific things can be transmitted via floors and toilet seats. The daughter of a coworker of mine got a strange rash on the back of her thigh (at toilet-seat level) and was informed that she'd contracted herpes (yeah, the "down there" type) and was promptly put on Valtrex. Chickie was dateless for a long time prior and the doc is certain beyond reasonable doubt that this was not acquired sexually.

Wear them flip flops and put the wax paper donuts on the seat, gals!

- M

Alexandrialeigh said...

I sincerely hope that my godson doesn't grow up to refer to me as his "eccentric godmother."

So jealous of your fancy-pants gym! All of my money has been going straight into the house...or into savings so that I may spend it on the house when it is finally mine.