Friday, December 30, 2005

Late night insanity

I am losing my mind. And no this is not wedding trauma. In the past, let's say six months, I have lost my grandmother's diamond and platinum wedding band, which I have had for about ten years without so much as placing it in the wrong box. And apparently between Thursday night and today, I have also managed to lose my great great aunt's faceted onyx earrings. And I just don't DO that. I can be absentminded. I'm not arguing with anybody over that. But I don't LOSE jewelry. My family is going to murder me.

So I was tearing the apartment apart looking for the earrings...and the ring STILL, working myself into a froth of self-recrimination and convincing myself I was going insane, when A.S. comes home, begins eating MY cheese and totally ignores the panic I'm in. I realize he's been out with the boys and probably is beer sodden. I don't care about that. But if I came home and he was in a frenzy, I wouldn't just sit there chewing and staring like an IDIOT and not saying anything while he lifted the bed singlehandedly. He could have at least ACTED fucking concerned! BLINKING would have helped. GAH!

This is probably all a product of having had my space invaded, even by someone I love (please see the June post about my mother and the underpants) for a prolonged period of time. And keep in mind that my apartment is about 600 square feet and is suddenly harboring two people and the porch plants (in from the cold) and all of the Christmas loot. There isn't room to MOVE in here right now, and it's driving me crazy. The earrings could be covered in the rubble that has enveloped every stationary surface in my place. So I'm losing my earrings, my mind, my personal space. I'm about to fucking freak out!

I'm not breaking up with anyone. I'm just ranting on my blog to keep from crying and ripping my hair out. I need a little fucking understanding and I'm not getting it. Fucking men. Fucking bats. Fucking stuffy head. Fucking early onset Alzheimers. Where are those goddamned earrings!?!?


Marcheline said...

Did you have any cable repair men or plumbing guys or otherwise strangers in your apartment during the space of time you mentioned? Perhaps your heirloom jewelry got lifted.

Otherwise, look in the freezer.

- M

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