Friday, December 09, 2005

I'm touching his present right now...

After picking up groceries for our cheapass potluck holiday work party, and immediately before racing off to my former English teacher's Christmas party with the awful hors d'oeuvres and jug wine, I popped into my new favorite store, Knit ( I've been meaning to go in for ages, but it's always closed by the time I get off work. But I read in Skirt that they had a Stitch N'Bitch and would be open late.

The store is so great and full of these really wry and funny women and their very small dogs. I bemoaned the fact that it had taken me so long to come in, and the owner told me to just call and she'd stay open late if I needed something. And she even asked where I live (about four blocks away) and then said, "Oh, I can deliver there."


Deliver? Is ANYONE this friendly anymore? I want to quit my job and work with the nice knitting ladies.

So I finally decided what to get A.S. for Christmas--I'm knitting him a scarf. I've done about a foot already tonight in this gorgeous grey alpaca wool. It's soooo soft. I'd forgotten how therapeutic knitting and crocheting are, since I haven't made anything since high school. I have these new bamboo knitting needles that click so nicely and make me want to drink tea, and still not get a cat, and I don't even want to go to sleep, but just knit all night long.


Anonymous said...

I miss you. We haven't talked in forever. I'm glad to know you knit! I picked it up a while back but never fully learned. Now I know I can ask you!!


Kelly Love said...

Molly is the best. I am on my fifth scarf and I have to say that it's looking pretty sweet. I missed the stitch & bitch last night because of a holiday par-tay, but will be at the next one.

And here's to having your shit together enough to get your holiday cards out! Loved it.